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Supercross BMX | BLK Carbon Fiber BMX Race Fork

After 4 years of production, we have redesigned the Supercross SLT Carbon Fiber Pro Race Fork. The Original one served us well and it was one of the strongest race forks, but we knew we could do better. And we did!

Introducing the new Supercross BLK Carbon Fiber Pro BMX race Fork! The first full monocoque carbon fiber tapered steer tube Pro BMX Race Fork.

Our goal with the new Supercross BLK Carbon fiber fork was not only to make it lighter but to make it stronger, stiffer, and continue pushing the envelope for BMX fork technology.

The SX BLK Fork uses the same Torray T700S Nano Alloy Resin Carbon Fiber as the Supercross ENVY BLK race Frame. For maximum strength and security, we designed a full 1 piece Carbon fiber fork. There's no glue, no bonding areas, or weak points on the entire fork. It's a single piece of high-modulus, high-impact carbon fiber. The steer tube will never slip, twist, or pull! 

Supercross BMX BLK Carbon Fiber BMX Racing Fork


But the monocoque design isn't just for strength, we were also able to save some weight too! With the new tools and design, we shaved off a full 1/4 pound! So a lighter, stronger fork? Sounds like BMX Racer Nirvana right?!

The Supercross BLK Carbon fork comes stock with the Speedline 20mm - 3/8" adapters, and the 7075 Aluminum Supercross BMX Top Cap.

Available in a wide arrange of colors ( Gloss and Matte ) to match the Supercross ENVY BLKSupercross ENVY RS7RS7 Fastback, or any BMX racing Frame with a tapered 1 1/8" - 1.5" headtube.

20", 24", and 26" wheel sizes.

20" Dimensions:

  • Steertube Length - 175mm
  • Steertube Clamp Diameter - 28.6
  • Internal Threads - 18x1.5mm
  • 20" size Axle to Crown - 319mm
  • Rake - 28mm
  • Weight - 16 ounces - ( 445 grams )

Please watch the video below for the machine testing on the Supercross BLK forks. All of our Supercross and Speedline product meet AND EXCEED all EN Test standards for racing bicycles.


Tech Note: Never use a star-fangled nut with a carbon steerer tube. This is why our forks have a bonded compression bolt.

Installing the Fork:

  • Assemble the fork, headset, spacers, top cap, and bolt within the head tube of the bicycle.
  • Slide on the stem.
  • Adjust headset tension using an appropriate hex wrench according to the headset manufacturer’s instructions. If the headset manufacturer has not specified torque, tighten to 1.6 Nm (15 in-lbs).
  • Torque the stem steerer clamp bolts as specified by the stem manufacturer (do not exceed 6Nm).
  • Always clamp the dropouts securely when using a dropout clamping bicycle rack to prevent dropout and/or bike damage. If the clamp is loose, the bike may fall out of the rack. When removing the fork from the clamp, remove both dropouts simultaneously. Do not tilt the bike to one side because dropout damage may result. Dropout damage can cause component failure, resulting in serious injury or death.
  • On a thru-axle fork, ensure the axle is torqued to 8nm.