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Supercross BMX | OS20 SX450 Cro-mo BMX Race Frame

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The OS20 SX450 features:

- Campy Integrated Headtube

- Side Mount Disk Brake Mount

- Threaded BB

- 3/8" Dropouts

- External Brake Routing

Available in 3 different sizes to fit all riders and 3 stock colors (Jet Black, Show Chrome and RAW ) and more to come.

If one of the stock colors isn't what you want, we still do custom Powdercoat and Ceracoat to make the ENVY RS7 truly yours! Give us a call, and we will get you hooked up. 

When we designed the geometry of the OS20 SX450 we based it on the regular 20" Supercross BMX Fork. Our 20" Carbon Race forks will work with the OS20 wheel, so no need to buy a OS20-specific fork. If you already have a 20" Supercross and want to go to OS20 all you need to do is swap the frame and wheels, and you are set to go! 

When we build Randy Roberts his Bulldozer OS20 RS7, one of the first calls we got was from Turnell Henry, he wanted one, but he wanted it in Cro-mo like his SX450 he has been racing. You know his Fun Machine... so the Bulldozer Fun on top of the Bubba Fun... well this is going to be the new SX450 FAS/FAS ( Fun as ... Fun as... ) so fun you have to say it twice.


Unlike all the other company’s that are building Modern Retro bikes, or tribute bikes, the SX450 Fas/Fas is built to ride. And you will want to ride it, alot.

It is classic in the form that it built from Steel ( Air Hardened Triple Butted Cro-mo to be exact ), and it is Triple Show Chrome Plated, ( got to love Chrome right? ) and it has a Retro style inspired graphic. But that is where the Retro, or Tribute style ends. After that it is all modern, and probably, if not definitely the most advanced Cro-mo race frame available.

It starts out with a full CNC machined Campy integrated head tube, a Reynolds, double / triple butted air hardened Cro-mo tube set, a Butted and tapered seatmast , a CNC’d Euro BB shell, tapered and butted seat stays and chain stays, and back side CNC’d laser cut dropouts w/ 10mm slots welded on to the cut and capped stay ends.

And of course what would all of this Cro-mo goodness be with out a full race pedigree so we build it up in our world famous and World Championship winning, Supercross geometry of the all our Supercross BMX race frames.

This run of the OS20 Fas/Fas is limited to 50 pcs. So they will sell out fast.

Please note this is sold as frame only. The Matching Supercross SLT forks are available by clicking here.

Please join the Supercross BMX Riders Group on Facebook and show off your new SX450 - Post up pics of your build and share your serial # - we would love to create a registry for everyone to keep track of these limited edition builds.

SizeABCDEPost SizeFork
Wheel SizeWeight
Pro XL21.25"15.2"74.5º70º11.6"27.2mm1 1/8"
OS20 x 1.854lbs 4.8oz
Pro XXL21.75"15.2"74.5º70º11.6"27.2mm1 1/8"
OS20 x 1.854lbs 5.8oz
Pro XXXL22.25"15.2"74.5º70º11.6"27.2mm1 1/8"
OS20 x 1.854lbs 6oz
* Specifications will vary depending upon your choice of Fork, Tire and Rim selection. Measurements are based off of a Supercross Fork and equal size (ie. OS20 x 1.85 front and rear) tire combination. Specifications subject to change without notice.

All weights are measured on a UPS Calibrated Scale. Weights will vary depending upon the amount of powdercoat and the amount of filler rod used on a particular frame. Polished Frames and Anodized Frames are the lightest as there is no paint. Weights and Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Each Pro RS7 Frame Comes with the Frame, a set of 10mm Axle adapters and the 3 Brake Clips. Expert XXL and Smaller do not come with the adapters as they are not needed on the smaller frames.

Pro Size and Larger take the 1 1/8" Tapered Headset - We have our Speedline Version which you can purchase here.

And the Expert XL and Smaller Frames take a Campy® Integrated, and we have them in the 1 1/8" size which we recommend for the Expert and Larger Frames and the 1" Version for the Junior Plus and Smaller Frames.

Pro size and Larger take a 31.9mm Clamp and a 27.2 Post. The Expert and smaller take a 22.2 post and a 25.4mm clamp. We have all of the posts and clamps in stock for you to finish the build.

This is a Chassis Kit, you will still need,

We stock most of these parts to be able to help you build it up , or you can swap parts over from your existing bike.

The RS7 is a V-Brake Specific Frame. People have ran the Disc Brake adapters on them sussesfully, but you have to be very careful on any BMX Frame with the horseshoe dropouts.

There is a Fastback version of the RS7, that has a thicker stay set to use the disc brake adapters. But it is still recomended to watch the Disc Adapters tightness at all times.

The ENVY RS7 uses our World Championship winning Supercross BMX Race Geometry that has been refined over 3 decades of BMX racing. Feel free to look above this FAQ and click the geometry tab for a lowdown!

Unfortunately we do not sell team jerseys, but you can rep the Vision with any of our Lifestyle apparel, including a RS7 Shirt!