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Supercross BMX | Register Your Supercross BMX Frame

Thank you for taking the time to Register your New Supercross BMX Frame.

By registering your frame you are activating your warranty and making you eligible for the life time crash replacement policy ( Please see Warranty Page for Details)

Please note that Registering your Frame is for new Purchases from Authorized Supercross BMX Dealers. Registraion is not valid on Used Frames or from Frames purchased from non Authorized Dealers.

As a thank you for registering your new Supercross BMX frame, you will be entered into our Newsletter program and receive a code for $25 off your next purchase of $100 or more on store.SupercrossBMX.com.

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Supercross BMX acknowledges the importance of the privacy of its customers, and is committed to treat their data with confidentiality and only for internal use.

Registration is optional, but necessary to obtain the relevant benefits.
The data provided may be disclosed to the authorities in case of investigations on crimes or illicit trade practices.

Any registered customer can request the cancellation of its registered data by writing an email to privacy[at]supercrossbmx.com cancelling the data will waive the benefits obtained with the registration.

Warranty Information


Supercross BMX warranties it's frames, forks and parts to be free of Material and Workmanship defects at Purchase for the intended lifespan of the product.

30 Day Warranty against Manufacturer’s Defects

A Manufacturer’s Defect is anything deemed incorrect with the product upon purchasing it. We realize it may take some time to notice these types of problems, so we allow a 30-day period to identify them. Any product determined to posses such a defect will be replaced free of charge.

Limited Lifetime Crash Replacement Policy

If you damage a Supercross BMX product while in use, you can purchase a replacement or an upgrade at discounted Crash Replacement prices for the life of the part. This is for the Original Purchaser only, and is Non Transferable.

The new frame can be equivalent or lower in value than the original frame.

You will notify to the dealer in your country the accident to the frame (specifying serial number) and your desire to replace the damaged frame with a new one at a discounted price; then you will contact the original dealer to order the new frame, supplying:

  1. the original proof of purchase and the contact information as you left it in the website when registering the frame
  2. jpg images of the entire bike after the accident, and close-up images of the damaged portion
  3. copy of any accident report to the authorities
  4. the damaged frame, which will become property of Supercross BMX in exchange for granting the discount on the new frame.

Products purchased From Supercross BMX as or Crash Replacement Policy will be covered by our 30-Day Warranty against Manufacturer’s Defects only.

What the Limited Lifetime Crash Replacement and Warranty Does Not Cover

The Limited Warranty does not cover the following, but is not limited to:
• Defects in materials or workmanship caused by misuse, abuse or neglect. Such actions void the Limited Warranty, so you should avoid these actions.
• Defects in materials or workmanship caused by modification, accident, material removal, theft, improper assembly or fit, normal wear and tear, or caused during transportation.
• Defects in materials or workmanship caused by failure to maintain or service the bike properly or by a failure to follow all instructions and warnings in the Owner’s Manual.
• Paint or other normal “wear and tear” items such as seats, grips, tires, tubes, cables, brake pads and chains.
• Any labor charges associated with the Limited Warranty or cost of shipping the part to us.
• Any bike, part or product that is not sold by an authorized dealer. For example, a bike, part, or product that is sold by an outlet or through an online auction site.

Supercross BMX does offer a crash replacement program to the original purchaser who damage their equipment while riding. In order to be eligible for any warranty program, you must register your frame or part within 10 days of purchase. You can register online here.

All Supercross BMX Products must be installed by a Professional Bicycle Retailer. Supercross is not responsible for any costs directly or indirectly involved in the assembly of your product.

Supercross BMX Frames, Forks and Parts are typically used in racing and competition environments. Supercross BMX is not responsible for any damage, accident or injury sustained while riding. You must ride at your own risk and must take extreme caution while competing on your Bike. Full Safety Gear must be worn at all times, and you must ride on an approved, sanctioned and insured track. All Supercross BMX Frames, Forks, and Parts are designed for NON MOTORIZED use only. If not used appropriately or for an application not intended , all warranty, written or implied is void.

If you have any problems with your Supercross BMX product, please call our warranty department immediately at (760) 240-5266 or take it to your authorized Supercross BMX Dealer for inspection.

Supercross BMX reserves the right to cancel or modify this policy at any time without prior notice.