Supercross BMX | Vision F1 Pro 24" - Carbon Fiber Cruiser Racing Chassis

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Supercross BMX Vision F1 in Rocket Red

Unveiled from the #SecretLabs of Supercross HQ, The VISION F1 is here! This isn’t your ordinary race frame, rather a complete Carbon Fiber Chassis that sets the standard for the premium frame market. This package includes the VISION F1 frame, Carbon fiber fork, Speedline headset, adapters, and so much more! 

The VISION F1 Chassis by Supercross BMX is Lighter, Stronger, and presented in beautiful color-ways, making it a performance beast with the looks to match!

Torayca T1100-KS Specs

Utilizing World Championship-winning geometry of past Supercross frames, the VISION F1 revolutionizes the platform. Unlike its predecessors, the VISION F1 utilizes monocoque construction or also known as one-piece construction. The frame and fork are constructed of a uniform piece of high-modulus carbon fiber. No joints, no welds, no bonding areas on this frame and fork! This method of construction is the most efficient and premium way of producing carbon fiber components. We did all of this while retaining the tried and trued carbon pre-preg material T1100-KS for the frame and T700S Nano Alloy Resin for the Forks.

T1100-KS allows us to reduce the frame’s weight by another 6% while simultaneously increasing stiffness and power transfer. The efficiency of monocoque construction paired with T1100-KS allowed us to reduce material in less stressed regions and apply it to areas of extreme power transfer. The VISION F1 launches like no other! The Chart depicted above is a product of TORAYCA's in-house testing. T1100-KS is the same material used on fighter jets and F1 cars. Now you get to ride it! The VISION F1 is the fastest platform in BMX Racing retaining every bit of that confidence-inducing feel of a Supercross BMX frame. 

Supercross BMX Vision F1 Disc Brake Mounts

The VISION F1 is forward-thinking as it’s designed for not only today’s needs but the needs of tomorrow! Every VISION F1 accepts 120mm Disc Brake rotors AND all V-Braking systems. Both mounting systems are fully removable, ensuring proper clearance while producing the cleanest look. We also molded internal cable ports for the upper V-Brake routing and lower DISC routing to avoid any extreme bends hindering the cable lines. As a result, the VISION F1 platform maximizes braking efficiency regardless of your preferred setup. 

Supercross BMX Vision F1 V Brake Mounts

2 Disc Brake Mounts are included with the Chassis Kit. One for all Shimano® Hydraulic Disc Systems utilizing the lower mounting and routing systems protecting the caliper from damage. The second adapter is for mechanical calipers and uses the upper routing. Both systems are fully captive on the axle and locked into the frame. 

For the Disc Brake riders, we added a full captive rear dropout. With the axle fully encased, we eliminated the horseshoe effect that traditional frames develop when running a Disc. This system ensures the wheel is always straight, producing a perfect chain line and disc position every time. The Supercross BMX FLIP/CHIP allows for easy installation of 15mm or 10mm ( 3/8 ) axles. Depending on the axle size, the FLIP/CHIP can be swapped to accommodate proper sizing. The FLIP/CHIP also allows you to choose between a rear positioning or front positioning depending on your preferred rear end length.

You may be wondering about the Chain Tension, Right? The VISION F1 comes with a built-in Idler/Guide that will take out chain slack.

Should you wish not to run an Idler/ Guide, the FLIP/CHIP is optimized for a 41/18 gearing with a 1/2 link chain across Pro-sized models. More sizes of the FLIP/CHIP's will be available soon to accommodate for other gearing ratios.  

Supercross BMX Flip/Chip with 44/16 Gear

To eliminate the dreaded creaking of press-fit bottom brackets, the VISION F1 retains the traditional threaded Euro BB Shell across all models. This technology is proven to be the most effective and dependable BB interface, which is why we’re sticking with it. 

The dropouts are solid carbon fiber, and we mean SOLID! The VISION F1 Dropouts are 15mm thick, almost twice the thickness of other Carbon or Aluminum frames on the market. Thanks to the increased thickness, the rear end can handle all the torque and braking power you can throw at it.

The head tube uses fully molded Carbon Fiber bearing races to provide the strongest head tube on the market. With the VISION F1, you’ll notice heightened front-end responsiveness allowing for quicker turn in and tighter cornering lines. The Vision F1 uses Tapered Integrated head tubes that accept 1 1/8" - 1.5" steer tube forks. ( Included ) The VISION F1 accepts a traditional 1 1/8" straight steer tube through the assistance of an adapter included with the headset

Each Supercross BMX VISION F1 Chassis Kit Contains a VISION F1 Frame, Matching Fork, Steer Tube Top Cap, 20mm Adapters, Hydraulic Disk Brake Adapter Kit, Mechanical Disk Brake Adapter Arm, Removable V- Brake Mounts, 2 Sets of FLIP/CHIP's ( 1-15mm set and 1-10mm ( 3/8" ) set ) a Chain Idler / Guide and a Sealed Bearing Headset.

We are no longer accepting pre-orders due to uncertainty in global supply chains and production and with ETAs continually changing. This is to reduce the frustration caused by delays and to ensure that everyone has a fair chance at getting a bike. Once the bikes arrive and are in stock you can purchase them directly from our website, or your favorite Supercross BMX Dealer, so please check back regularly.

This is a complete Racing Chassis ready to replace your current bike or become a base for an entirely new build! 



Supercross BMX VISION F1 Carbon Race Frame Geometry Chart

VISION F1 Carbon Pro 24"
Pro XL 24"
Pro XXL 24"
A. Top Tube Length 21.5" 22" 22.5"
B. Chainstay length 15.3" 15.3" 15.3"
C. Steertube Angle 73.5º 73.5º 73.5º
D. Seat Tube Angle 70º 70º 70º
E. Bottom Bracket Height 11.6" 11.6" 11.6"
Seat Post Size 27.2mm 27.2mm 27.2mm
Headset Type 1 1/8" - 1.5" Integrated 1 1/8" - 1.5" Integrated 1 1/8" - 1.5" Integrated
Wheel Size 24" X 1.75" 24" X 1.75" 24" X 1.75"

* Specifications will vary depending upon your choice of Fork, Tire and Rim selection. Measurements are based off of a Supercross Fork and equal size (ie. 20X1.75 front and rear) tire combination. Specifications subject to change without notice.
All weights are measured on a UPS Calibrated Scale. Weights will vary depending upon the amount of powdercoat and the amount of filler rod used on a particular frame. Polished Frames and Anodized Frames are the lightest as there is no paint. Weights and Specifications are subject to change without notice.