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Supercross BMX | Vision F1 Pro 24" - Carbon Fiber Cruiser Racing Chassis

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Only the best. Period.


  • Monocoque (one-piece) frame and fork construction

    • TORAYCA T1100-KS (frame) / TORAYCA T700S Nano Alloy Resin (forks)

  • Accepts 120mm Disc Brakes & All V-Braking systems

    • Includes internal cable ports for upper V-Brake routing & lower disc routing

  • Full captive, solid carbon rear dropout featuring the Supercross BMX Flip/Chip

  • Built-in chain idler/guide

  • Traditional Euro BB Shell bottom bracket

  • Each Pro chassis contains:

    • 1 x Vision F1 Frame, 1 x Vision F1 matching fork, 1 x Steering tube top cap, 1 x 20mm adapters, 1 x Hydraulic disk brake adapter kit, 1 x Mechanical disk brake adapter arm, 2 x Removable V-Brake mounts, 2 x FLIP/CHIP’s (15mm & 10mm), 1 x Chain Idler/Guide, 1 x Sealed Bearing Headset, Mini, Junior, Expert & Expert XL Chassis kits only contain 1 set of FLIP/CHIPs for the 100m axle size. They also use a 10mm front dropout on the fork



The Vision F1 is built with the best materials, keeping you looking your best on the track.

Utilizing World Championship-winning geometry of past Supercross frames, the VISION F1 revolutionizes the platform. Unlike its predecessors, the VISION F1 utilizes monocoque construction, also known as one-piece construction. The frame and fork are each constructed of a uniform piece of high-modulus carbon fiber. No joints, no welds, no bonding areas! This construction method is the most efficient and premium way of producing carbon fiber components. We did this while retaining the tried and trued carbon pre-preg material, TORAYCA T1100-KS (frame) and T700S Nano Alloy Resin (Forks).

TORAYCA T1100-KS allows us to reduce the frame’s weight another 6% while simultaneously increasing stiffness and power transfer. The efficiency of monocoque construction paired with T1100-KS allowed us to reduce material in less stressed regions and apply it to areas of extreme power transfer. The VISION F1 launches like no other! The Chart depicted above is a product of TORAYCA's in-house testing. T1100-KS is used on fighter jets and Formula 1 cars, and now you get to ride it! The VISION F1 is the fastest platform in BMX Racing, retaining every bit of that confidence-inducing feel of a Supercross BMX frame.


VISION F1 Carbon Pro 24"
Pro XL 24"
Pro XXL 24"
A. Top Tube Length 21.5" 22" 22.5"
B. Chainstay length 15.3" 15.3" 15.3"
C. Steertube Angle 73.5º 73.5º 73.5º
D. Seat Tube Angle 70º 70º 70º
E. Bottom Bracket Height 11.6" 11.6" 11.6"
Seat Post Size 27.2mm 27.2mm 27.2mm
Headset Type 1 1/8" - 1.5" Integrated 1 1/8" - 1.5" Integrated 1 1/8" - 1.5" Integrated
Wheel Size 24" X 1.75" 24" X 1.75" 24" X 1.75"

Each Pro chassis contains:

  • 1 x Vision F1 Frame
  • 1 x Vision F1 matching fork
  • 1 x Steering tube top cap
  • 1 x 20mm adapters
  • 1 x Hydraulic disk brake adapter kit
  • 1 x Mechanical disk brake adapter arm
  • 2 x Removable V-Brake mounts
  • 2 x FLIP/CHIP’s (15mm & 10mm)
  • 1 x Chain Idler/Guide
  • 1 x Sealed Bearing Headset

*Mini, Junior, Expert & Expert XL Chassis kits only contain 1 set of FLIP/CHIPs for the 10mm axle size. They also use a 10mm front dropout on the fork.

This is a Chassis Kit, you will still need,

We stock most of these parts to be able to help you build it up , or you can swap parts over from your existing bike.

Pro size and Larger take a 31.9mm Clamp and a 27.2 Post. The Expert and smaller take a 22.2 post and a 25.4mm clamp. We have all of the posts and clamps in stock for you to finish the build.

The Vision F1 accepts 120mm Disc Brakes & All V-Braking systems. Hydraulic and Mechanical. The Hydraulic fit behind the seatstay with the included adapter, the Mechanical will sit above the seatstay with the included adapter.

The Vision F1 uses our World Championship winning Supercross BMX Race Geometry that has been refined over 3 decades of BMX racing. Feel free to look above this FAQ and click the geometry tab for a lowdown!

Unfortunately we do not sell team jerseys, but you can rep the Vision with any of our Lifestyle apparel, including a Vision F1 Shirt!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rafa aliaga bosch
todo ok

perfecto y ahora mejor con Courtney, Gracias

Steve T.
Vision F1 - Glossy Cloud White

The pictures do not do this frame justice. Opened the box and removed the frame and was completely stunned at the beauty of this thing. More of a metallic white that simply shines. This is my first ever Vision build, and I'm looking forward to the finished product.

Patrice GILARD
Vision F1 cruiser XL chassis

Hi, this vision F1 carbon chassis is a master piece.. the delivery to France was very fast..The custom taxe for the import is very expensive ,but it s the price to pay for the passion.the build is in process,photo will come soon on FB supercross familly group. love Bmx for more than 40 years .54 and still riding. Thanks for this nice bike....

Sam Meek

I wasn’t home when the F1 frame and fork was delivered. My Wife was there and she picked it up and thought it was a couple small things in the box. When I got home and I picked it up and I thought no way there was a frame and fork and other parts that come with the F1 in the box. I opened it up and I picked the frame and I said the cardboard box is heavier the the frame. I’m still waiting on a couple more parts till I finally get to build it. I can’t wait to ride this F1 cruiser. Bill Ryan designed the best frame and fork I ever had.