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We would like to show you our vision... The Supercross Vision F1

March 09, 2023 5 min read

Welcome to the fast lane! This is BMX... where speed, agility and precision are the name of the game. If you're any type of serious BMX racer, then you've definitely heard of Supercross BMX and the Vision F1. Unveiled from the Supercross HQ Secret Labs.. this is our vision for what we think BMX racing should be...



The VISION F1 is the result of our passion for pushing the boundaries of BMX Racing technology. We're thrilled to introduce this game-changing chassis, not just for our brand, but for the entire industry. We've worked extremely hard to create our lightest, stiffest and fastest bike yet! We're excited to share the standout features with you and give you a peek into our decision-making process that went into bringing this incredible product to the market.

Our main goal during the development of the VISION F1 was to create a world-class platform that can compete at the highest level of BMX Racing. While anyone can ride this frame, it's important to note that it's designed for the most advanced riders who are looking for the latest and greatest in BMX Racing technologies. We made every decision with the intention of producing the best possible Carbon Fiber Frame. If you're an Expert or Pro rider seeking a 'competitive advantage', then the VISION F1 is the bike for you. It represents the pinnacle of BMX Racing technology, and we at Supercross BMX are thrilled to share our vision for the future of the sport with you.



Supercross BMX Vision F1

In the bike industry, it's pretty normal to sell frames as a separate entity. However, we've never been the type to follow the normal rules, so we decided to shake things up... for the better. You probably noticed that the VISION F1 is listed as a 'Racing Chassis.' This isn't some clever marketing tactic to replace the word 'frame' with something trendy. The VISION F1 is a complete package that includes: Carbon Fiber BMX Frame, matching Carbon Fiber Fork, Integrated Speedline Headset, Removable Brake Mounts, Supercross BMX FLIP/CHIPs, various adapters and a Chain Idler/ Tensioner. All that's left to complete your build is a wheelset, steering system, and drivetrain. By offering the VISION F1 in this manner, we've removed most compatibility issues, providing you with a hassle-free experience.

“Straight out of the box, the VISION F1 is ready to replace your current bike or act as the base of a brand new build.”

- Bill Ryan, Owner of Supercross BMX


The VISION F1 is a special breed of race frame because it's our very first Monocoque construction. In simpler terms it's a one-piece design. Our previous carbon frames were molded in separate sections and then fused together to create the final product. Monocoque construction is by far the most efficient, and premium method, for producing carbon fiber components. The frame is produced within a single mold meaning there are no welds, no joints, or bonding areas within this frame. We’ve been using monocoque construction in our Carbon Race Forks for years and it’s provided great results. This method of construction allowed us to trim even more weight, and most importantly, improve overall durability. We could have reduced the weight further, but with the VISION F1 already shedding 6% of the ENVY BLK2’s weight, we focused on producing the most durable and stable frame yet.

We did this while retaining the tried and trued carbon pre-preg material, TORAYCA T1100-KS (frame) and  T700S Nano Alloy Resin (Forks).




Thanks to the structural efficiency of Monocoque construction, we had some extra material to work with, which allowed us to focus on improving areas that contributed most to acceleratory stiffness. Our team made a few key upgrades including adding more support to the bottom bracket and rear triangles. However, the most noticeable improvement comes from the 15mm thick dropouts, making them the thickest on any frame available today. With all these enhancements combined, the VISION F1 offers unparalleled acceleration and launches like no other frame out of the gate.

We didn't stop at just making the dropouts thicker for the VISION F1. We also made them fully captive over the rear axle... What's that mean? Well, this design adds even more rigidity to the frame and it eliminates the issue of disc brakes causing a horseshoe effect on traditional dropouts. The captive dropouts keep the wheel straight, which creates a flawless chain-line and perfect disc positioning every time. 

The head tubes use fully molded Carbon Fiber bearing races to provide the strongest head tube on the market. With the VISION F1, you’ll notice heightened front-end responsiveness allowing for quicker turn-in and tighter cornering lines. The Mini thru Expert XXL uses a Campy Std. Size for 1" or 1 1/8" steer tube forks, depending upon which bearing kit you use.

Pro sizes feature Tapered Integrated head tubes that accept 1 1/8" - 1.5" steer tube forks. The VISION F1 accepts a traditional 1 1/8" straight steer tube with the assistance of an adapter included in the headset.




The VISION F1 is forward-thinking as it’s designed for not only today’s needs but the needs of tomorrow! Every VISION F1 accepts 120mm Disc Brake rotors AND all V-Braking systems. Both mounting systems are fully removable, ensuring proper clearance while producing the cleanest look. We also molded internal cable ports for the upper V-Brake routing and lower DISC routing to avoid any extreme bends hindering cable lines. As a result, the VISION F1 platform maximizes braking efficiency regardless of your preferred setup. 

Supercross BMX Vision F1 Brakes

2 V-Brake Mounts are included with the Chassis Kit. One for all Shimano® Hydraulic Disc Systems utilizing the lower mounting and routing systems. This design ensures the caliper is protected from damage. The second adapter is for mechanical calipers and uses the upper cable routing. Both systems are fully captive on the axle and locked into the frame.

For the Disc Brake riders, we added a full captive rear dropout. With the axle fully encased, we eliminated the horseshoe effect that traditional frames develop when running a Disc. This system ensures the wheel is always straight, producing a perfect chain line and disc positioning every time.




The VISION F1 chassis kit includes a brand new feature called the FLIP/CHIP that makes wheel installation easier than making a PB&J Sandwich. With two available sizes, the FLIP/CHIP lets you easily integrate 15mm or 10mm (3/8) axles. You can also choose between a rear or front positioning to suit your preferred rear-end length.

Once the FLIP/CHIP is installed, you can rest easy knowing that your rear wheel will be perfectly positioned every time you reinstall it. The FLIP/CHIP cane come in a variety of sizes, check them out here.




The VISION F1 was designed to maintain chain tension and improve drivetrain efficiency with the Idler/Chain Guide. By constantly directing the chain back to the rear cog while removing any slack, this is the easiest way to change up your gearing without any compromise. If you want to upgrade your idler, check here.

Check out the install video at the bottom of the page




Each Pro size Supercross BMX VISION F1 Chassis Kit Contains:

  • VISION F1 Frame
  • Matching Fork
  • Steer Tube Top Cap
  • 20mm Adapters
  • Hydraulic Disc Brake Adapter Kit
  • Mechanical Disc Brake Adapter Arm
  • Removable V- Brake Mounts
  • 2 Sets of FLIP/CHIP's ( 1-15mm set and 1-10mm ( 3/8" ) set )
  • Chain Idler / Guide and a Sealed Bearing Headset.

The Mini, Junior, Expert and Expert XL, only contain 1 set of Flip Chips for the 10mm Axle size. They also use a 10mm front dropout on the Fork.

This is a complete Racing Chassis ready to replace your current bike or become a base for an entirely new build!

Check out the 20" version here and the 24" version here.