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The evolutionary, not revolutionary, RS7

March 10, 2023 4 min read

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The Envy RS7 is the culmination of decades of research and development in BMX Racing Technology. Our journey began over 10 years ago when we pioneered the first BMX Superframe - the Supercross S7. It was designed to be the ultimate BMX Race frame, weighing in at under 3 lbs, and capable of enduring multiple race seasons. This Supercross S7 'Superframe' provided the foundation for our ENVY series of race frames. Now, after more than a decade of continuous innovation, we proudly present to you the Envy RS7!


The Supercross ENVY RS7 boasts a distinctive blend of 7005 URL Ultra Light triple-butted custom-shaped tubing, which is the outcome of our long-standing partnership with Easton® Tubesets spanning over a decade. You might wonder why we picked 7005 Aluminum instead of 6061. Well, the answer is simple: 7005 has higher strength and yield than 6061 when properly aged and heat treated. It's the "superhero" of Aluminum, so to speak. Skeptical? We were too at first, but after a decade of rigorous testing, we can attest that this frame is the real deal: ultra-stiff and incredibly lightweight.


For all you Supercross enthusiasts out there, it's no secret that we've been using the 7005 ULR tubing in all our ENVY Aluminum race frames for the past decade. So what sets the RS7 apart? The RS7 represents the next stage in the evolution of the original ENVY frame, incorporating several new features while retaining many of the previous improvements. Here's a rundown of the enhancements we've made to the Envy series over the years, culminating in the RS7 - the most advanced Aluminum Supercross frame yet! 


We've introduced wider flared seat masts across all sizes, from Micro to Pro XXXL, designed with a new forming tool to provide enhanced BB support and power transfer for quicker launches. Each seat mast size is optimized for the rider's weight and strength, ensuring maximum gate start launch performance. 

We've fine-tuned the butting profiles of our frames to achieve the perfect balance of strength, stiffness, and weight reduction. Each Supercross ENVY RS7 is now equipped with custom-designed triple-butted 7005 ULR tube sets, featuring our very own molds exclusively tailored for BMX Racing. As a result, the frame achieves a higher level of stiffness, strength, and lightness in critical areas. 


We've revamped the head tube shaping to address concerns raised by some customers about airlines damaging their ENVY frames during travel. Our engineers have developed a new head tube design that emulates the shape of the ENVY BLK head tube, featuring thicker bearing race seats and walls for added protection. Despite its larger appearance, the new head tube is not only stronger but also lighter than previous models, making the RS7's front end the stiffest among our aluminum frames.


We've also made improvements to the ENVY RS7's dropouts. While still utilizing 3D CNC technology to reduce weight, the dropouts are now cold-forged for enhanced strength and durability. In addition, we've slightly modified the shape of the dropouts to maximize the contact patch on the end of the dropout, making it easier to use with your chain tensioner. We made these changes while investing in the new cold forging die, ensuring that the ENVY RS7's dropouts provide improved functionality and convenience. 

We've incorporated new cold-forged bottom bracket shells with cold-rolled threads in the ENVY RS7. We've always machined our bottom bracket threads after the final heat-treating process to ensure the most accurate and long-lasting threads. However, our new cold-forged BB shell boasts a tighter grain density to better withstand the added power you exert. The threads on this new shell are rolled instead of cut, providing a longer lifespan for your frame and guaranteeing that the threads will last longer. 

One of the most significant changes in the ENVY RS7 is the fully boxed-in chainstays with 7005 sheet aluminum. On previous Pro size and larger frames, the chain stays were welded into a BB lug, which was then welded to the BB shell. This limited the weld area. With the ENVY RS7, the chainstays now meet the BB shell at the widest possible point, resulting in a larger boxed-in area made of 7005 sheet aluminum. This improves launch out of the gate and brings the RS7 close to the performance of the carbon fiber ENVY BLK. The RS7 is the stiffest aluminum Supercross frame to date. 



The ENVY RS7 is designed to fit all riders and is available in 18 different sizes, with a range of 12 stock colors to choose from including Jet Black, Gloss White, Matte Grey, Hi-Vis Yellow, Guards Red, Neon Cyan Blue, Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Matte Navy Blue, Matte Army Green, Mystic Rainbow, and Mirror Polished. But if you don't find the perfect color in our stock options, we also offer custom anodizing and powder coating to make your ENVY RS7 truly unique to you. Simply contact us and we'll help you create your dream bike.



All photos courtesy of Fifteen BMX


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