How to make BMX more fun? Just add water! USA BMX Golden State Nationals

March 14, 2023 2 min read

Bakersfield California was this weeks stop for the Factory Supercross team and just about the entire Am squad was in attendance for what we knew would be a wet weekend. With 260+ motos the west coast riders really showed up and so did Mother Nature as she took a definitive WIN by dousing the race action for Fridays World Qualifier as well as main events on Saturday afternoon which would run under heavy storms.

Our Aussie transplant Kaiden Ireland lived up to his nickname boomerang because just last week he was in Australia but like his namesake he returned back to the west coast and right atop the podium where he departed from a few weeks ago. Kaiden enjoys dual citizenship between USA and AUS and will be happy with a big win stamping his ticket alongside his fellow riders Justin Perkins, Gaige Gomolicke, Sequoia Gomolicke and Ryder Merki. Just about the entire Am squad is qualified to represent Team USA and excited to see how many Visions we can send to Glasgow to compete at the worlds!

As mentioned the race action was fierce and your favorite SX riders were seen out front all day battling for top positions and the rain took its fair share on the riders as well. With concrete turns and coated straightaways things weren't very muddy but that may have lead to more action as riders charged like things were dry.

Gaige Gomolicke would take down 2 big wins in the 14X division along with team mate Dr J Justin Perkins who are an awesome 1-2 punch in that class.

Ryder Merki was hanging around not just in the pits but he stayed around the podium long enough to end the weekend with a big win in 11cruiser and stacked a slew of scores on both bikes so a great showing for his new pearl white Vision F1.

The 16 year old expert class was a great main event to watch both days with Deegan Brown in the mix, turns can get really narrow and DB would go down Saturday fighting for position but bounced back with a 3rd on Sunday. He was also double duty this weekend picking up a pair of aces in the 16cruiser class as well.

Girl Power! Annabella Hammonds has been busy with school but still makes the time to get out and show that she is still a force to be reckoned with and took down a 5th Saturday and made some great pack moves and worked up to the 2 spot on Sunday.

Scoooooooops! Sequoia had some close finishes right at the line and will be happy to leave the bright light of Bako behind, a rough weekend for her is 4 podiums with 1 being a win. Something tells me she will be just fine.

Last but not least Josh White who enjoys a birthday today was going way fast in the 15 year old class and would take a second on Saturday and a big win Sunday so he is on track for big points as he transitions into the 16X class. Happy Birthday Josh from all the guys in 15X and all the Supercross fans around the world!

-Written by Nick Valencia

All photos courtesy of USA BMX