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A VISION at a 1/4 of the price? 🤔

March 20, 2023 4 min read


Are you a BMX racer looking for a high-performance racing bike frame that won't break the bank? Look no further than the Supercross BMX VISION RSX. This affordable yet high-end frame is built to take your racing to the next level. With its world championship-winning geometry, you can trust that this frame has been designed with speed and agility in mind. But the Vision RSX doesn't just perform - it also looks great. With multiple beautiful colorways to choose from, you'll have the visual edge as well as the performance edge.



This is our affordable Vision

Let's dive into the 'nitty-gritty' of the VISION RSX. One of the standout features of the VISION RSX is its construction. Made from Taper wall 6000 series aluminum, this frame is strong and lightweight. The hollow CNC'd dropouts add to the frame's strength and durability, while the ability to use both disc and V brakes gives you the flexibility to customize your ride to your liking. And perhaps best of all, the VISION RSX is priced affordably, giving you the feel of carbon for half the price. 



Watch this, hold my brakes..

So if you're looking for a fast, sleek, and affordable racing bike frame that can help you get from the gate to the podium in record time, look no further than the Supercross BMX VISION RSX. 

We always talk about going fast, lets jump back into how we can slow you down so you don't go flying off the track. The VISION RSX was designed to meet the demands of both today and tomorrow's riders. Included in the Chassis Kit are two Disc Brake Mounts, one for Shimano® Hydraulic Disc Systems. Internal cable ports have also been molded into the frame for both upper V-brake routing and lower Disc routing, preventing any excessive bending that could disrupt cable lines. Both systems are securely captured on the axle and locked into the frame, ensuring reliable braking performance in any situation.

For Disc Brake riders, the VISION RSX features a full captive rear dropout that eliminates the "horseshoe effect" that traditional frames can develop when running a Disc. The fully encased axle ensures that the wheel remains straight, maintaining a perfect chain line and disc positioning every time.


Keep your chain tight

Our Chain Guide/Idler has been a successful addition to our BMX product line, and we are excited to announce that the VISION RSX comes pre-built with it. However, if you prefer not to use the Idler/Guide, the FLIP/CHIP system on the VISION RSX is optimized for a 44/16 gearing with a 1/2 link chain for Pro-sized models. We are also currently developing more FLIP/CHIP sizes to accommodate other gearing ratios, so stay tuned for updates on this exciting development.


 If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 


One of the key design features of the VISION RSX is the use of a threaded Euro BB Shell across all models, which serves to eliminate the often-irritating creaking sound that can result from press-fit bottom brackets. This time-tested technology has been shown to provide a highly dependable and effective BB interface, making it the clear choice for our product line. We are confident that by sticking with this trusted approach, we can deliver a smoother and more satisfying riding experience to our customers


Stronger than strong 


The dropouts on the VISION RSX are crafted using CNC'd Hollow 6061 T-6 Billet Aluminum, and while you may think that the hollow construction would compromise their strength, you'd be mistaken. In fact, the area of the dropout where the axle clamps is made up of 12mm of solid aluminum, ensuring an incredibly stable connection. Thanks to this reinforced thickness, our product's rear-end is more than capable of handling even the most demanding torque and braking power, giving you the confidence to push your bike to its limits.


The VISION RSX also boasts some of the strongest head tubes available, thanks to the use of full CNC'd Aluminum Bearing Races. For the Expert XL model, the head tube features a Campy Std. Size that supports either a 1" or 1 1/8" steer tube fork, depending on which bearing kit you use. Meanwhile, the Pro and Larger sizes are equipped with Tapered Integrated head tubes that are compatible with 1 1/8" - 1.5" steer tube forks, giving you greater versatility in your riding options. And even though the VISION RSX is designed to use a traditional 1 1/8" straight steer tube, it can easily accommodate this through the use of a specially-designed adapter.


What comes in the box? 

Each Pro sized Supercross BMX VISION RSX frame includes:

  • Hydraulic Disk Brake Adapter Kit
  • Mechanical Disk Brake Adapter Arm
  • Removable V- Brake Mounts
  • 2 Sets of FLIP/CHIP's ( 1-15mm set and 1-10mm ( 3/8" ) set )
  • Chain Idler / Guide.
  • Please note: Expert XL, only contain 1 set of Flip Chips for the 10mm Axle size.

Available Colors: Black Anodized, Chrome Plated, and Jet Fuel