The 1989 | Supercross BMX Vintage Reserve

When we started Supercross BMX in 1989 we never thought it would be a fun thing to do to help our buddies get to a few races. We never ever dreamed that 30 years later we would still be doing the same thing. They say times change, and we have seen that, but with the Supercross BMX Vintage Reserve, we are trying to bring back a few items from our past and create a few things for our futures that keep BMX fun. Almost all the items you will find in this collection are limited edition and hen they are gone, they are gone. Some are old stock from the old shed, some are new production, and some are re-pops using the old screens at the same maker as the original runs ( think Flite Pads ) anyways. This is a nice little collection of cool BMX stuff. Enjoy.

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