Supercross BMX | The ENVY RS7 Fastback | Disc Brake Specific BMX Race Frame

10 years ago we created the first BMX Superframe, the Supercross S7. It was developed to be the Ultimate BMX Race frame, and it proved to be just that. It was ultra light, incredibly responsive, super strong, and pretty expensive. But it displayed that you can build a sub 3lb Aluminum race frame that will last for multiple seasons. This Superframe laid the frame work for our ENVY line of race frames and now 10 years later, we introduce you to the latest addition to the Envy line, the ENVY RS7!

We’ve updated the RS7 platform and developed a DISC specific model, the Fastback. With the RS7 Fastback we removed the brake post and added internal cable routing. The stays are beefed up to withstand the added stress from increased braking pressure that accompanies disc brake systems.

The Supercross ENVY RS7 utilizes our special blend of 7005 ULR Ultra Light triple butted custom shaped tubing that is a direct result of working with Easton® Tubesets for over a decade. Why 7005 Aluminum you ask? 7005 has a higher strength and yield than 6061 when it is properly aged and heat treated. Kind of a Superhero of Aluminum. The perfect thing for your race bike. Sound too good to be true? Yea we thought so too, but after a decade of real world testing, we can tell you that this frame is the real deal. Ultra stiff, yet incredible light. 

Now to you Supercross fans, you will know that the  7005 ULR tubing has been used on all our ENVY Aluminum race frames for the last 10 years, so what makes the RS7 new? Well remember the first line, it's evolutionary, well that's whats new. When we released the ENVY it was a cutting edge for the time, and then we found ways to make it better. So along came the v2, the v3, the v5, and now the RS7.

So the last 3 years while we have been perfecting carbon BMX racing technology with the ENVY BLK, we also took notes, feedback and listened to what the riders around the world have been saying about the ENVY v5. All in the pursuit of building you the perfect aluminum BMX racing frame. 

With that, you have the new Supercross ENVY RS7 Fastback. Available in 5 20" Pro sizes different sizes to fit all sizes of riders , 3 24" sizes Pro, XL and XXL and a Pro 26" Cruiser and 8 stock colors ( Pearl Black, Pearl White, Gun Metal Grey, Racing Red, Metallic Blue,  Hi Vis Yellow,  Matte Black, and Mirror Polished ) to make sure it fits your style. And if one of the 8 stock colors isn't what you want, we still do custom anodize and powdercoat to enable you to truly make your Supercross ENVY RS7, your ride.

Frame ships as Frame alone - NO FORK INCLUDED. We do have Supercross BMX and Speedline Forks available to help you complete your Chassis by clicking here



Supercross BMX ENVY RS7 Fastback Race Frame Geometry Chart

Size A B C D E Post Size Fork
Wheel Size Weight
Pro 20.5" 15.0" 74.5º 70º 11.6" 27.2mm 1 1/8" - 1.5" Tapered
20 X 1.75 2lbs 12oz
Pro Plus 20.75" 15.0" 74.5º 70º 11.6" 27.2mm 1 1/8" - 1.5" Tapered
20 X 1.75 2lbs 13oz
Pro XL 21.25" 15.2" 74.5º 70º 11.6" 27.2mm 1 1/8" - 1.5" Tapered
20 X 1.75 2lbs 14.8oz
Pro XXL 21.75" 15.2" 74.5º 70º 11.6" 27.2mm 1 1/8" - 1.5" Tapered
20 X 1.75 2lbs 15.8oz
Pro XXXL 22.25" 15.2" 74.5º 70º 11.6" 27.2mm 1 1/8" - 1.5" Tapered
20 X 1.75 3lbs 4oz
Junior 24” 19.25" 14.2" 73.5º 69.3º 11.2" 22.2mm 1 Threadless 24 X 1 1/8 2lbs 2oz
Expert 24” 20.5” 15” 73.5º 69.3º 11.2” 22.2mm 1 Threadless 24 X 1 3/8 2lbs 8.8oz
Expert XL 24” 21” 14.75” 73.5° 70° 11.6” 27.2mm 1 Threadless 24 X 1 3/8 2lbs 10oz
Pro 24” 21.5” 15.3” 73.5° 70° 11.6” 27.2mm 1 1/8” - 1.5” Tapered 24 X 1.75 2lbs 15.8oz
Pro XL 24” 22” 15.3” 73.5° 70° 11.6” 27.2mm 1 1/8” - 1.5” Tapered 24 X 1.75 3lbs 1.2oz
Pro XXL 24” 22.5” 15.3” 73.5° 70° 11.6” 27.2mm 1 1/8” - 1.5” Tapered 24 X 1.75 3lbs 1.2oz
Pro 26"
1 1/8" - 1.5" Tapered
3lbs 7oz
* Specifications will vary depending upon your choice of Fork, Tire and Rim selection. Measurements are based off of a Supercross Fork and equal size (ie. 20X1.75 front and rear) tire combination. Specifications subject to change without notice.
All weights are measured on a UPS Calibrated Scale. Weights will vary depending upon the amount of powdercoat and the amount of filler rod used on a particular frame. Polished Frames and Anodized Frames are the lightest as there is no paint. Weights and Specifications are subject to change without notice.

How we get it right.
The advances in materials and processes that have cemented Supercross’s reputation as a technology leader would not have been possible without a rigorous and costly research and development program.  Beginning in our in-house laboratories, we use a range of specially fabricated fixtures and robots to test everything we make and the best products offered by our competitors. With the knowledge that comes to life in that process, we develop and test new concepts, the most promising of which we put back in or test lab, out on the road or trail and in the wind tunnel. If results are encouraging and we think we’re on the right track, we put beta versions of our product under the world’s best racers, including two time Olympic Gold Medalist Maris Strombergs. The marketing benefits of having someone like Strombergs on our equipment is obvious to almost anyone, but the information we receive from a rider that experienced and exacting is the only way to know if we’ve gotten it right.