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2021 Race Report: Stars & Stripes National

July 09, 2021 4 min read

The Independence Weekend Recap! 

We are in the thick of it now! As we approach early July, the season is shaking up, and we’re starting to see some familiar faces on the podium.

This past weekend, the Supercross family made their way to one of the more famous East Coast venues, South Park BMX in Pennsylvania. The racing was stacked as riders gathered to the North East this Independence weekend. Let’s check in with the crew to see how everyone faired…

Hurricane Season Continues

The Hurricane, Hannah Leakey, backed up her stellar performance in Rockford with an even stronger showing at South Park BMX. Hannah took her brightly colored ENVY BLK2 around the downhill course to rack up a slew of N.A.G. Points!

Hannah commanded the Expert Girls class winning all three days on her 20inch. Just about every lap, Hannah was either out front or somewhere close to it. Clearly, she didn’t come to play and made sure to get the job done. Stellar riding from Ms. Leakey!

Our man Crazy Cam may have trademarked The Red Rocket. But rumor has it that there may be another Trademark in the works. Something about The Traffic Cone or something like that? We aren’t too sure, so you’ll have to ask Hannah about it if she isn’t too busy signing autographs and kissing babies after her strong results. Great work Hurricane, and keep it up!

The Return of Donkey Kong

We figured it wouldn’t be too long before 16x PJ O’Brien returned to his rightful spot of leading laps. After his unfortunate crash in Nashville, PJ is fully healed as he came out swinging this weekend. 

It was almost as if PJ wanted to try out every step of the podium as he finished 1st on Friday and placed 2nd and 3rd the other two days. If we had to guess, PJ enjoyed the top step the most. We couldn’t catch it on camera but, if our eyes didn’t deceive us, we think he might have even smiled as he crossed the line on Friday! 

The win was well deserved as he rode in true PJ fashion; calm, cool, and collected. Any weekend that you can grab a podium spot is a good one, especially if you can do it every day and even squeak out a win too. Great work PJ, and keep up the progress going into the next one. 

Vance Inches Closer

While he’s yet to find his way into the coveted Elite Men A-Main, Rookie Elite Jonnie Vance inched closer to his desired finish this weekend. After 3 rounds of racing, he fell just outside of the top 16 on Saturday. There’s more work to be done, but he’s chipping away every week. We’ve said it time and time again, but racing the Elite category is cutthroat. With each race, he gains valuable experience that will develop him into a better racer.

As you can see, things got a little hectic out there. This picture from 3rd round shows Vance finding his way through the carnage and battling for the 4th spot. Unfortunately, he took home 5th place behind Joey Leto, which would place him outside of the transfer position. Better gates and faster first straight should help avoid these types of scenarios so he can get to the stripe unscathed like the top 3 in this moto!

Crazy Cam Defends On Home Soil

Man, we must say, Cam Bramer looked QUICK this weekend. The kid had some serious flow on the home turf, and you could tell that he’s been around this track a few times.

He rode strong early on and found himself out front during most of the qualifying rounds. Cam would go on to win 2/3 mains on the weekend. He barely missed out on the 3rd win as Drew Polk found the open door in the last corner. Like Hannah, Cam was able to back up his double wins in Rockford with two more this weekend. He’s so close to the perfect triple win weekend. Perhaps we could see him get it done in the near future?

Either way, we are super siked for Cam and his recent success. The work is paying off, and we can’t wait to see him continue this tear throughout the remainder of the year.

We still don’t know what exactly happened to Cam’s machine after Cam Moore took home a Pro moto win in Rockford. But somehow he transformed it into The Red Rocket, and this thing has been blisteringly fast ever since!

Healing Wishes For Cam Moore

We hate to see any of our riders go down. But injuries are a part of this sport that we all love. Cam Moore traveled to South Park, PA to race Saturday and Sunday, but a gnarly crash down second straight ended his weekend early. 

The crash happened in the first moto of racing, so we weren’t able to see what Cam had in store. Unfortunately, the wreck was at no fault of his own as another rider went down in front of Cam, and took down multiple racers within the rack.

Thankfully, his Fly Formula helmet kept him safe, and Cam walked away with no serious injuries. We caught up with Cam, and he told us that he’s taking a few days off the bike, but for the most part, he is unharmed, just a little sore in places. 

Get well soon Cam, and we can’t wait to see you lay it down at the next one. 

Emily Hayes Snags a Pro Podium!

Elite Women Emily Hayes found her way onto the second step of the podium during Friday’s main event. She rode smart and avoided the carnage to get to the front of the pack. From there, she battled it out with Olivia Armstrong and nearly made a move stick for 1st place in the last corner. 

Thanks to her smart riding, Emily was able to take home the 2nd and followed it up on Saturday by making the main again! Strong results from our lady Pro. We hope to see more rides like this one from Emily. Keep it up!

Thanks For Reading!

That’s all we have for this week’s racing action. Stay tuned for more race recaps right here on SupercrossBMX.com. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list so you can be notified when new blog post are published. Also check out our various social outlets for all things SupercrossBMX!