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2021 Race Report: The Las Vegas National

July 24, 2021 6 min read

Racing at South Point

It’s been a while since the last time we lined up in Sin city for some racing. But we all knew that it was only a matter of time before we were back racing one of our favorite nationals. 

The Supercross pit was packed to the brim, as most of our family made the trip. With that being said, there’s a lot of rides to cover, so buckle up as we recap all the action for you right here! 

The Dr. Justin Perkins

They don’t call him the Doctor for no reason! 12 expert, Justin Perkins, was slicing through the competitors with scalpel like precision on the tight Vegas layout. He had some close battles all three days, however, some unlucky gate picks for the main would make things harder for Justin. He was just shy of a win each day but you could tell he was giving it all he had.

Day 1 featured a super close battle between the lead rider and Justin. The other rider was just able to get under Justin in the first corner. From there they battled it out until the line with Justin taking home a close 2nd.

Day 2, Justin ripped one off from lane 7 down the short first straight, but similar to day 1 he was stuck on the outside. Justin went full gas until the line where he slipped a pedal out of the last corner going for the winning stretch. Thankfully he still held onto the 2 spot bringing home another podium. 

Day 3 saw Justin come from lane 8, where again, he was stuck up high in the first corner. But the Doctor came to play slicing his way through the pack with precision and getting into a 4 spot. 

That’s Vegas for you though. You have to roll the dice and it seemed that Justin was stuck on the wrong side of the coin for gate choice. However, he made the best of his situation and still looked blisteringly quick. It isn’t easy to snatch the holeshot from the outside, but Justin was damn close to doing it!

Bramer Gets it Done in Vegas

Crazy Cam brought his Red Rocket out west to try his luck at some more wins. Cam hit big taking home podiums all three days and scoring two out of three wins for the weekend. Cam also padded his cruiser points by taking some wins on the big bike as well. 

He looked quick and consistent this weekend and rode the wheels off of his machine. We may still call him the New Guy, but at this point, he isn’t new to winning!

Check out the most recent upload on the Supercross channel from Cam Bramer. He takes you through his entire weekend out in Vegas and even features a few surprise interviews!

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Lil Bub in the House!

It was a tough first day for 14x Josh White with missing out on his first main event in a long time. But then again, it’s Vegas! And you never know what can happen once that gate drops. What impresses us the most, was that Josh was able to regroup and continue to fight throughout the remainder of the weekend. It’s a testament to the kids work ethic and willingness to continue fighting no matter what. 

Day 2, Josh found himself back in the main event and rode smart to avoid the carnage throughout the second half of the lap. Because of his heads up moves, he was able to come home with a respectable P4. 

Day 3, Josh continued to battle and made it into the main again. This time Josh had to fight off multiple attacks from trailing riders. He gave it his best go and ended up 6th on the day.

The Hurricane Strikes Again

If there is one thing we learned from watching the races, it’s that Hannah Leakey can carve a corner! Hannah had another strong series of rides this weekend and the corners were her strong suit as she was taking low lines and making moves. 

Day 1, Hannah came from lane 8 to hold onto a 2nd place. We were just talking earlier about how hard it is to get a good result from the outside lanes in Vegas. Thankfully, Hannah was able to get it done in impressive fashion. 

Day 2, Hannah one upped herself by scoring another win this year. However, it wasn’t uncontested as Hannah withstood the attacks from the trailing rider and even took a hit out of the last corner but still held onto the top spot. 

Day 3, Hannah had to come from behind to score another podium result. Again, she relied on her strong cornering ability to pick people off making moves in each corner to get another second place finish. Strong and consistent riding all weekend. 

 Mikkel Devore Lays it all Out

This kid was going for it this weekend! Mikkel had some battles with his teammate Crazy Cam on the cruiser bike and went all in to try his luck for the win on day two. It’s the last corner and you gotta do it, but Mikkel lost the front end and hit the deck hard before trying his luck at the winning move. 

However, Mikkel still scored some points this weekend by winning the cruiser main on day 1. Keep working at it Mikkel and we hope you heal up from that slam in the last corner. This was a perfect example of laying it all on the line for the glory. I mean it’s Vegas… You gotta do it!

Valencia Rips the Big Wheels

Long time Supercross family member, Nick Valencia, decided to put down the shovel and track operator duties in favor of some racing this weekend in Sin city!

It was great to see Nick out there spinning some laps and of course making some pleasant exchanges with the fans. Nick is a great face for our brand and we are thankfully to have him on the squad. He took home cruiser main event finishes all three days and looked like he was having a ball doing it! All in all a pretty good weekend for Nick.

Swifty Doubles Up in Vegas

The one and only Shawn O’Gorman looked smooth as ever this past weekend. He took home double wins on Friday and Saturday by a comfortable margin.

On day 2, Shawn had to come from the outside lane in the main event but still managed to take command of the pack and lead the men back to the stripe picking up win #2 of the weekend. Looking good Swifty!

Bella Battles it out in South Point

Miss Annabella Hammonds came to South Point to battle it out with the 15-16 Expert ladies. She found her way into two main events taking home 6th place finishes in both. Here she is leading the group upon her pimped out ENVY BLK 2 for a hot lap during one of the qualifying rounds!

Lego Man Merki Spotted in Vegas

One of the youngest rippers on the team, Ryder Merki, made his way to the big city to spin some laps and hangout with his teammates. Ryder managed to find his way into the main on Friday and took home a solid 5th place finish!

I gotta say, we love the color coordination Ryder is displaying in this photo, the red accents had the Lego man looking fresh out there on the track. Remember kids, it’s the law of the land to match those goggles and gloves! And if you want some bonus points, be like the Lego man and match the shoes too!

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