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Why Did We Make A Sock?

August 03, 2021 2 min read

I bet some of you out there are wondering, "why in the world is SupercrossBMX making socks?" And that's a pretty valid question, why are we releasing a set of custom socks?

There are more to these socks than just a logo-stamp and cool colors. The real difference is in the materials used for construction and how these socks fit the foot. Essentially, these are performance socks constructed with BMXers in mind. Still not sold? Well, let's talk a little more about what makes these socks so special.

What Makes These Socks So Unique?

These socks are constructed out of a polyester blend. Thanks to this material, the socks feature improved moisture wicking capabilities keeping your feet comfortable and cool. Think of a Nike Dri-fit shirt but for your feet! What you get is a thinner sock that stays dry and disperses heat better than a pure cotton blend.

With BMX at the forefront of this sock's design, we added material in specific regions where racers would benefit the most. The heel and toe regions of the sock feature extra material that acts as light padding. These high-pressure areas of the foot benefit the most from having plusher support, thus further improving comfort.

We inserted an ecstatic band around the foot's arch to keep the sock tight improving the fit even more. The elastic band allows us to produce a sock with less material that can still stretch around various foot sizes.

What You’re Getting

While these socks may be a minor detail in your overall race setup, it's undeniable that these socks have an added level of comfort. So why not try to improve your ride quality just a tad bit more?

We spend hundreds of dollars on carbon sole clip shoes or flat pedal shoes to increase pedal efficiency. Why would you pair those nice shoes with a set of cheap socks? These socks fit better into most clip shoes and the added comfort means you can ride better for longer periods of time. Plus, you get to show your pride and rep your favorite brand in the whole wide world! 

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Written By Jonnie Vance