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2021 Race Report: Midwest National

June 24, 2021 4 min read

The Midwest Recap:

It’s Monday morning in the office, and we’re back from a long weekend of racing. There’s always so much to cover from these events so let’s do our best to put it all here. The USA BMX nationals never seem to disappoint in providing some crazy racing action. 

This weekend, in particular, things got super tight due in part to some pretty tight turns. The Rockford drag strip is fast, and carrying that much speed into smooth 180 degree turns can be challenging. Riders were on the absolute edge squeezing out every bit of traction from the tires as they carved the infamous Bermzilla! 

Surprisingly, the weather held out for us with dry racing conditions for 99.5% of the weekend. It eventually started to rain on Sunday, but it didn’t hit until the end of expert mains in which the track was primarily dry. This might be one for the record books, a Rockford national weekend clear of rain! 

Okay, so now that the stage is set and you have the context of the weekend, let’s talk about the racers starting with the one and only… 

The ‘New Guy’ or ‘RedRocket’? 

Easily the highlight ride of the weekend has to be our man Cam Bramer. His wire-to-wire win in Saturday’s main was nothing short of astonishing and came at a much-needed time.

Cam is flying this year, and we are beyond stoked with his riding. But he did express to us that he wasn’t satisfied with his performances at some of the bigger races. It seemed like Cam was always close to getting the score, but one thing or another would get in the way of claiming victory.

But there was none of that this weekend as Cam came out in commanding fashion to lead the boys around the Rock on Saturday’s 17-20 Expert main. The emotions were high, and the whole team was happy for Cam after Saturday’s result. His ride boosted the morale and brought some energy to the team pit.

BUT, it didn’t stop there. 

One win wasn’t good enough for Cam as there’s still a whole other day of racing to be had. Aboard his newly trademarked ‘RedRocket,’ Bramer scraped his way into Sunday’s main after a close semi and won again! 

It’s great to see him putting it all together after what seemed to be a difficult string of events. We hope Cam can continue onward with this level of performance as we head into another national weekend. Lucky for Cam, the next one is right in his backyard at South Park BMX, Starts and Stripes National.

We hope the see the ‘RedRocket’ on full display as sparks fly during the independence weekend! You’ll definitely want to be tuned into the USA BMX Livestream all weekend for this one.

The Return of the Hurricane

Cam wasn’t the only one finding success at the Rock; The Hurricane, Hannah Leaky made her Factory Supercross debut this weekend, and man, was it a strong showing! 

We added Hannah to the Supercross family back in November of 2020. Unfortunately, she was recovering from an injury at that time, so she could not showcase her new colors. Now fully healed, Hannah is ready to compete at a high level all summer. 

It almost seemed as if she never skipped a beat as we watched her rip through the motos and qualifying round. She found her form early and stayed consistent throughout the three days. It’s hard enough to podium at these bigger national events. But to do so at your very first race back is even more impressive. To make it even sweeter, Hannah took podium finishes in both classes over multiple days.

Hannah Kicked things off by doubling up on 3rd place finishes in class and cruiser on Friday. She turned it up another level on Saturday by picking up second-place finishes in both classes. Followed by Sunday, where Hannah captured one last 2nd place finish in Class. 

It’s great to have Hannah under the Supercross tent and watch as her strong results bring some energy to the whole team. This weekend was a testament to the work Hannah is consistently putting in behind the scenes. She came back fully recovered and in what seemed to be full race shape. We’re excited to see Hannah continue this pattern through the summer months and beyond.

Double Trouble in the Pro Open

Supercross boys Cam Moore and Jonnie Vance take on the Pro Open on a Sunday morning. The boys came out hot during the start straights and battled it out from there. Cam Moore would eventually be crowned the victor through winning all three rounds. Jonnie ended up with a third overall after being bested by another rider down the last straight. 

It was good to see the boys end the weekend on a high note. The Elite field is staked right now, and it’s harder than ever to get into that A main. Both Cam and Jonnie fell short of making the A-main on Friday and Saturday. Cam was able to make the B main both days and battled it out for some extra cash. 

It’s back to work for these two as they prep for the next one. Maybe we can see them running 1 and 2 again at South Park BMX in a few weeks? Only time will tell.

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