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Rider Spotlight: Cam Moore

June 12, 2021 2 min read

Written By Jonnie Vance

A few months back at the Dixieland nationals, we caught up with Cam the Dirtdevil Moore to talk some BMX! We wanted to get his perspective on the season thus far and of course we had to check on his super slick RS7 Fastback!

Let’s hear what Cam had to say

SupercrossBMX: Now that we are a few months into 2021, how is this season going for you, thoughts on the new team and set up?

Cam Moore: Although I’m not happy with my results so far this season, things are going well as a whole. I definitely have some positives take from it thus far and I’m loving the vibes with the new team. However I’m not where I exactly want to be yet as far as results on the track goes. I just have to keep working!

SupercrossBMX: As we all know, the Elite class is a tough one. How are you dealing with the transition from A-Pro to Elite?

Cam Moore: This is actually my second time coming into the Elite class. It’s definitely a bit easier the second time around as I have more experience. I was racing Elite before my injury back in 2019 so I already had an idea of what to expect this time around. 

SupercrossBMX: We see that you’re sporting the Metallic Grey Fastback now, how long have you been on? What do you think about the frame thus far?

Cam Moore: This is my second race on the Fastback so I’m starting to get more comfortable with the bike. I really like how it feels coming out of the gate! Also, I’ve found it to be really smooth when riding around the track and through the rhythm straights.

SupercrossBMX: What made you go with the Metallic Grey color?

Cam Moore: I always thought the grey looked sleek and fast. I wanted to try something different from the colors I typically ride. 


Frame: Envy RS7 Fastback 

Fork: Supercross BLK Carbon Fork

Stem: Avian Scorcher Top Load 

Bars: Avian Impala 64s

Grips: ODI AG-2

Brake Lever: Shimano BL-MT201

Brake Caliper: Shimano BR - MT200

Front Tire: Tioga FASTR BLK LBL 20x1.75

Seat Clamp: GHP

Seat: Tioga D Spyder S-Spec

Cranks: Speedline Elite Hollow

Pedals: HT SX-X2

Chainring: 44BMX 49T

Chain: SRAM PC 850

Rear Hub: Proflie AC2 

Cog: Profile Elite 18T 

Rim: Speedline RCR Carbon 

Rear Tire: Tioga FASTR BLK LBL 20x1.75

Chain Tensioners: Speedline Alloy tensioners