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What size BMX Racing Frame should I ride??

June 12, 2021 3 min read

We get a ton of calls asking What Size Frame Should I Ride? The typical response given is, We Don’t Know. Keep in mind that it is nearly impossible to judge what size BMX frame you our your kid should ride when all we have is a voice on the phone. This question is similar to asking someone What Gear Should I Run? These are both things that are personal to every rider. There are some general guidelines, which we will cover here. But for the most part, it comes down to personal preference.

For starters, here is our ENVY Size Chart so that you can better understand the varying sizes we offer. 






15.25" to 16.50"

UP TO 4'


16.75" to 17.50"

4' to 4' 4"


17.75" to 18.50"

4' 3" to 4' 7"


18.75" to 19.50"

4' 6" to 5' 5"


19.75" to 20.50"

5' 4" to 5' 8"


20.75" to 21.50"

5' 8" & UP


As you can see, there is a bit of overlap between the different sizes. But use this as a starting place for finding what size frame you need. Again, this is just a general rule of thumb and some riders may be outliers compared to this general listing. The best thing to do is watch video of yourself or have someone else watch how you ride. Are you always over the front of the bike? Are you hitting your knees a lot on the bars? Do you feel cramped whenever riding? If so then you probably need a larger frame. 

What makes this topic such a hard recommendation is that there are a lot of different components on a bike that affect the overall feel of the bike. You may feel that your frame is too small but it could be a funky stem size you are running or something of that sort. Also, we aren’t sure of what your riding style is and what size frame best compliments that. 

Buying a frame is one the larger purchases you can make. It’s also the center piece of your build, so you want to ensure you get it right. The absolute best thing to do is test ride the bike and size you are looking at purchasing. Now this isn’t always an option depending on where you are located and who has what bike. So the second recommendation would be to find someone of your similar size and ask them what size frame they ride. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll let you test ride the bike so you can really feel if the sizing is right. 

If you are lucky enough to have a local bmx race shop near you, then we highly recommend you visit and ask them the same question. They are a wealth of knowledge and will be glad to help size you up. This is the best situation as they are more equipped to help size a frame for you since you are there in person. It’s just not ideal to try and size up a frame over the phone. 

It may take some trial and error to find the perfect fit. But you can get it right pretty quickly. As long as your frame is in the right ball park of sizing, you can do other modifications to truly tailor your fit. Two easy one’s being stem length and handlebar position. Here are a few tips to remember when modifying your set up.

STEM LENGTH :Every 6mm of stem length is equal to a 1/4". You will always want to try to run the shortest stem possible for the frame to make sure the steering is proper. The longer the stem, the more "Oversteer" you will feel.

BAR POSITION :Typically you want your bars in line with your headtube angle for proper handling. You can pull them back slightly to bring your bars back for a shorter rider area, but don't go back to far. And the same going forward, you can push them forward slightly, but don't "Chicago" your bars. Never go past Vertical on your bar set up.

If you would like to find our more about our Supercross BMX Race Frames. We have options for you in High End Triple Butted Heat Treated Aluminum with our ENVY RS7 Race Frames, and also the pinnacle of all BMX race Frames the VISION F1 Carbon Chassis Kit.