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Aiko Gommer’s VISION

February 16, 2022 2 min read

It’s not everyday you get up close and personal with a World Champion’s Bike. Aiko just built herself a new VISION F1 and it’s a real beauty. We were lucky enough to get an even closer look while also asking her a few questions about the new rig. 

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Equipped With:

“This bike is like the carbon fiber fighter jet of your dreams!”

Supercross BMXWhat was your first reaction when you pulled this frame out of the box?

Aiko: I was very happy when I saw the frame! The color with blue accent makes the bike look super sleek. 

Supercross BMX: Have you gotten a chance to ride this beauty yet? 

Aiko: Yes, I’ve done a few training sessions on it. So the bike is still pretty fresh!

Supercross BMX: How does the bike handle? Does it feel any different from your ENVY BLK 2?

Aiko: It handles really similar to my BLK 2, so the transition to this bike was pretty easy. Still, I can feel that the bike is marginally improved with the stiffer rear end. 

Supercross BMX: Will we see this VISION F1 ripping some laps on the pump track in 2022? 

Aiko: Yes, I hope to do some pumptrack racing again this year. I’ll do my best to get it on the pumptrack. For now, I have my first traditional BMX race on the new bike this weekend! 

And that’s an inside looks at the champs new race rig. We love the sleek styling of her VISION F1. We’ll be releasing more checks of other team rider’s VISIONS. So stay tuned as we look at each racer’s unique bike. Incase you want a VISION F1 to call your own, click here to get shopping! 

- Written by Jonnie Vance