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Do I Need an Axle Adapter?

January 28, 2022 2 min read

So you just unboxed yourself a brand new Supercross Race Frame. Or maybe you’re building up an older frame for the first time and wondering if you have everything needed for completion. 

Either way…

After unveiling your frame in all it’s glory from the box, the first thing you should do is check the box for any adaptors or extra pieces. These small but mighty pieces play a major role in ensuring the bike is properly set up. 

Let’s talk about the various axle adaptors that come with each frame and identify whether or not you need those extra components. 

15mm - 10mm Pro Frame Axle Adapter

Pro Frame Axle adaptors come stock with every ENVY RS7 Pro Size Frame. You have to keep a careful eye out whenever opening the box because these little guys are easy to miss. However, they’re crucial if you plan to run a 10mm (3/8th) axle. 

The ENVY RS7 features oversized dropouts designed to house a 15mm rear axle. With most axles today being a bolt on hubs 10mm, you won’t be able to use this traditional axle sizing without the assistance of adaptors. When these adaptors are installed onto a 10mm axle bolt, the adaptor fills the excess space within the dropouts making the 10mm axle fit like a 15mm axle. 

Without these adaptors, the 10mm axle WILL NOT sit flush within the dropouts which allows excess play and causes misalignment of the rear wheel. These small adaptors may look insignificant, but without them, your ride will never truly be dialed. 

If you already have a verified 15mm rear axle, then you will not need these adaptors. However, we still recommended that you hold onto the adaptors because you never know when you’ll need to go back to a 10mm. 

You can buy a spare set of adaptors right here! 

The Install Process

Lucky for you, team rider Jonnie Vance walks you through the entire install process of the 15mm - 10mm frame adaptors in the YouTube video linked below

To Summarize: 

- 10mm axles require the use of frame adaptors 

- Adaptors go on the inside of the dropout and mount directly to the axle

- Adaptors sit flush against hub body

- Inner circle sits flush within the dropouts 

- Tighten everything up and go ride!