It's been 5 long years since we have built any ENVY mini cruisers. WE have people calling weekly asking if we will do more Mini cruisers, and typically the answer is no. But we finally had enough of the arm twisting and we built up another short run of the Envy Mini Cruisers, and this time the are the latest and greatest ENVY v5 Mini Cruisers.

Supercross BMX - ENVY v5 Mini Cruiser

Now, the Mini Cruiser is not for everyone, it is not the type of bike you typically build with spare parts. With its ultra short 3" headtube to keep the front end low, the 14" rear tri for ultra quick starts and an 18" top tube to keep the reach down for the little guys, you can't just throw it together with anything.

With the front end that short coupled with a set of 24" wheels, 145mm cranks are about as long as you are going to want to run.

The Headtube is integrated and uses the 1" integrated headset like the Speedline Sealed.


To get one of your own, visit your favorite Supercross BMX Dealer, or click on over to our webstore and order yours today.

  • February 05, 2016
  • Bill Ryan