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January 14, 2016 3 min read

Your bike, your friends, some dirt.... Do the Olympics really matter???

If you have any interest in BMX lately, we are sure you have heard about and read about a few things. I saw "dR" Donny Robinson post on Facebook about BMX Racing leaving the Olympics after this year,  and what kind of impact it might have on the sport,  we have been seeing articles and posts about DC shoes leaving BMX, Racing and Freestyle, and Harry Main leaving his long time sponsors and going to a new Internet sales only brand. People are saying BMX is dead, and that it is a fad, others are claiming there is no money in BMX and many are leaving the sport.... some are friends, some are not, to the friends, we say we hope we see you soon, to those that aren't, we hope you have a great life and realize what you are missing when you leave this sport.
I have been in this sport for decades, way before Olympics and the Olympic dream. Way before the birth of Freestyle BMX, back when it was literally you, your bike your friends and some dirt. The only thing that mattered then was that you and your buddies got to ride. It wasn't about the outcome of the race, although that was defineatly bragging rights, but it was about the fact that you were riding your bike. Which honestly, isn't that why you all got started here anyway? To ride your bike.

It was in dirt fields, vacant lots, wherever you and your buddies could build a jump or two, when the Southern California housing boom was going strong, the grading pads for the houses on the side of hills were some of the best places to ride, old land fills that had been filled in but were still settling, you didn't care where you got to ride as long as you got to ride. And you were always stoked about learning something new, a new trick, a new line, doing it faster than the other guy, it was always a race. And not for Olympic Glory, but for personal fun.
Along the way things have changed, we all started going to the races, and we all wanted to win, for some, ego got involved and people started training to win at all costs. Some others were happy to be riding with friends. The bottom line is still the fact that you are riding your bike, something you love to do and hanging out with your friends!!! Thats it, simple. It's that simple. BMX is something we did for enjoyment.
4 friends, 4 brands, 1 fun - BMX Racing
Something we did because it was fun and we wanted to hang out with our friends. All the other stuff is extra. Those are the bonuses. Going to the races, yea, we want to go, but is it the race that you are excited about, or is it hanging out with friends and riding your bike that you are excited about. And does it matter if you have the latest and greatest products, does it matter if you are sponsored? No, it's cool, and we love the latest in technology, I mean we are bike geeks after all, we want to have the best and ride the best, but the bottom line is that we want to ride our bikes and hang out with our friends.
 3 pros - 3 brands, great friends!! BMX
I guarantee you that you have had more fun on your BMX road trips and with BMX friends that you have ever had on a traditional school field trip, or with school friends. Don't get me wrong, those are great friends and great times, but think about it, BMX is bringing together from all walks of life, from countries you have only read about, you get to become friends with people from other states, countries and learn about thier local culture, all while riding your bikes and having fun.
So, as a few have asked, what about BMX after the Olympics leave, and honestly, it is still going to be the same, Your Bikes, Your Friends and some Dirt. The core of the sport will never leave. Those that are truly here for the sport and the riders, that won't change. Those that were here for the Olympic Glory, and the Press, well it was nice to meet you, have a great life. But we are here and doing BMX, because we love BMX and everything about it and that shouldn't ever change.