January 13, 2016 1 min read

Everyone used to love our anodize finishes, and we still do a ton of them. Seems like every week we have more ENVY v5 Race Frames going in and out of anodize. Well we wanted to do something that is even a bit cooler than anodize and could be a stock on the shelf item.  With that we came up with the idea for the transparent colors. The new Trans Red and Trans Blue are a colored clear powdercoat that goes on over the Mirror Polish frame, so while it looks like anodize it is a little different as it has a bit of depth to it with the Powder being thicker than the actual polished metal.


In the sun these things bling like no tomorrow. So many options for doing cool builds. And with them being a stock color, there isn't the 10-15 working day wait for your custom anodized frame to be done, and it is only the same cost as the Mirror Polished frame so you save a bit of money too.

Currently we are only doing these in the Trans Blue and the Trans Red, but have had soem requests for Trans Purple and Trans Gold, so who knows, maybe for next year we can offer a few more colors. Let us know if you have a favorite color, who knows, it may become a 2017 production color.

So rush on over to your favorite Supercross BMX Dealers today and check out the new Trans Colors today.