The new ENVY Sport!

February 09, 2016 2 min read

The new ENVY Sport!

This is the bike you have been dreaming of, but you can actually afford.

We here at Supercross BMX understand the obstacles involved in getting going on the track. We all want the best bike we can get, and with the new high tech carbon frames costing well over a grand, and high end aluminum frames costing well over $500 it is hard to get on the best equipment when you are still shelling out for all the local races and practices to ride that “High Dollar Equipment” we get it, times are tough, who couldn’t afford to save a buck or two when you can. Well with that, we would like to introduce you to the new ENVY Sport.

Now just because the ENVY Sport is a lower priced aluminum frame, it doesn’t mean that we skimped on features, it just means that we worked within the budget to build and offer you the most performance packed into an affordable price point.

For the $349 MSRP of the new ENVY Sport, you get a full race seamless 7005 T4/T6 double heat treated aluminum frame, packed with features like our a CNC’d integrated heatube,

Supercross BMX - ENVY Sport Headtube
a bulge butted seatmast, tapered rear stays, a bi-ovalized down tube and an ovalized top tube
Supercross BMX - ENVY Sport BB Shell
and our cold forged dropouts with 3d CNC finish work.
Supercross BMX - ENVY Sport CNC Dropout

All features that other bikes in this price range would kill for. And the geometry is the same as the Supercross ENVY BLK Carbon Fiber BMX Race Frame and our ENVY v5, Ultra High End Aluminum BMX Race Frame.

To keep the ENVY Sport Affordable we have limited the size and color choices. They are available in the most popular sizes ( mini, junior, expert, expert xl, pro, pro xl, and pro 24" cruiser ) and most popular colors ( Black and Fire Orange ) only.

Update 3/4/2016 - People have been calling and e-mailing wanting to know the frame weights on the ENVY Sports. With the straight gauge tubing they are a little bit heavier than the ENVY v5, typically 6-8 ounces. But we just went and weighed them on the UPS Calibrated Scale and here is what got for the Gloss Black ones.

Envy Sport -  Gloss Black - Pro XL - 3.7lbs
Envy Sport -  Gloss Black - Pro - 3.55lbs
Envy Sport -  Gloss Black - Expert XL - 2.65lbs
Envy Sport -  Gloss Black - Expert - 2.55lbs
Envy Sport -  Gloss Black - Junior - 2.4lbs
Envy Sport -  Gloss Black - Mini - 2.3lbs

And to make it easy to upgrade from a current race bike, the ENVY Sport uses a std. non tapered integrated headtube and 3/8" rear dropouts.

Update 3/16/16 - People have been wanting to see more pics of the ENVY Sport in the Fire Orange, so we have posted a few pics of the Fire Orange ENVY Sport here for you.

You can pick up your own ENVY Sport at your favorite Supercross BMX dealer or by clicking here if you don't have a local dealer.

Supercross ENVY Sport - Aluminum BMX Race Frame

The Supercross BMX ENVY Sport Aluminum BMX Racing Frame

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