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SX Hauling Ass Collection -

/ Long Sleeve

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Adult - Fits most Adults Sizes 10 and smaller.
Adult XL - Fits most Adults Sizes 10 and Larger.
Women's is a more slender fit on the Adult size.
Youth is just that - a Youth Size - It is a 7" long Foot area for Reference. 

Socks are a Pre-Order Item and are expected to ship within 2-3 weeks but are LIMITED so lock your purchase in quickly.

It's a full-knit performance blend with a reinforced toe, heel, and arch support. These are available in a few sizes and colors to make them more unique to you. 
Perfect for helping your feet slip into your Vans® for cruising around the neighborhood, trails, or into your Shimano® Phyre's for the track. 

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*Orders that include a Pre-Order item will be partially fulfilled, meaning that the in-stock items will ship now, and your Pre-Order will ship separately once they arrive to us.