Speedline Elite - Hollow Carbon Fiber BMX Race Cranks

$ 549.95

The Speedline Elite Hollow Carbon Cranks are the absolute cutting edge in BMX carbon fiber race crank technology. The hollow Speedline Carbon Fiber Arms are hand layed up with the finest Torray Nano Alloy Carbon and then high compactation molded to form the lightest and stiffest crank structure currently on the market. Add in the oversize 30mm Spindle and you...

Speedline 2pc Hollow Forged Pro Crank

$ 299.95

The Speedline 2pc Pro cranks are a Hollow Forged 7000 series aluminum arm set with a 24mm oversize hollow Cro-mo Spindle and replaceable Aluminum 4 bolt 104bcd spider. The Arms have a cro-mo pedal boss insert insure a positive pedal thread as well. Comes stock with an Outboard Sealed Bearing Bottom Bracket.

Supercross Strong Arm 3-Piece Cranks

$ 179.99

The Supercross Strong Arm Cro-mo Cranks carry on a long tradition of 3 piece Cro-mo crank technology. Utilizing our special 2 piece forged Hollow Cro-mo welded arm that fully encapsulates the pedal and spindle boss for maximum strength, they rely on the proven technology of the 19x48t spline spindle to make BB choice, gear or spider choice easy. They work...


Speedline SX CNC'd Alloy Mini-Cranks

$ 179.95 $ 159.95

NOW available in 115, and 120mm Lengths!! These high-quality billet 7075 aluminum CNC cranks have a decade’s worth of winning heritage behind them. These 7075 billet arms are Precision CNC'd in North America and use a removeable 5-bolt spider included , the Answer 1-piece chainwheel, or the all-new Speedline 104mm 4-bolt spider pictured above. The Speedline SX Mini Cranks have...