Speedline Parts | Ultralight Alloy BMX Racing V-Brakes

$ 129.95

The Speedline Elite Alloy Rear V-Brake has been a huge hit since it’s introduction. At only 150 grams for the pair, they are ultra light, the birdcage design is very stiff, and the long linear spring offers the the best in feel and adjustment. Available in Black, Polished, White Powdercoat, Gold, Red, Blue, Purple, Jet Fuel and Copper.

Speedline Ultralight Alloy U-Brakes

$ 129.95

The Speedline U-Brakes are made with the same dedication as our popular V-Brakes. Weighing in at only 150 grams with pads, the Speedline U-Brake are one of the lightest sets of elite precision brakes on the market. These 7075 CNC’d brakes are available in a variety of colors, including Black, Polished, Red, Blue, Purple, Gold, and Green.

Speedline Parts | Elite Rear Brake Lever

$ 69.95

The Speedline Elite Rear Brake Lever is the perfect compliment to the Speedline Elite Rear V-Brake. It's full CNC'd Billet design is ultra light weight and stiff. The 3d contoured lever is comfortable on your finger and can be used as a single finger or two finger style. The Speedline lever is spring loaded for quick return and it's leverage...

Speedline Parts | Carbon Fiber Thinline BMX Brake Pads - By Koolstop

$ 24.95

When looking for a high performance brake pad for our carbon fiber rims, there was only one choice. Kool Stop and their Thinline brake shoe. With the Kool Stop Thinline Shape and the exclusive Carbon compound, it is the best brake shoe for any carbon fiber BMX rim. The Thinline pad was designed for brake systems with tight brake clearance...

Speedline Teflon Linear Elite Brake Cable

$ 18.95

How can you have an elite set of precision brakes and not have an Elite cable. The Speedline Linear Cable makes the Speedline V-brakes work like disc brakes and they take a cheap set of brakes and make them feel expensive. The Linear housing offers the extra stiffness needed for proper braking and the black oxided Teflon coated inner wire...

Speedline Titanium Brake Posts

$ 34.95

Everyone is looking to shave a little weight here and there, and the Speedline Titanium Brake Bosses are a perfect place to do it. Full CNC Machined from 6al/4v titanium they weigh in at 5.5 grams for the set and. they are a 10mm Thread Pitch to fit most BMX race frames on the market. Sold as a pair.

Supercross BMX Frame Clips for the Brake Cable

$ 0.75

These little frame clips come stock with the frames, They are sold individually. But are pictured in a group of 3 as it would come on an ENVY BMX Race Frame. They work with almost all clip type cable guides. Most frames will require 3 of these.

Speedline Parts | Speedline V- Brake Replacement Spring

Sold Out

The Speedline Rear V- Brakes are designed for a lifetime of service, but sometimes you will wear out a spring. Rather than having to get new Brakes we offer the Springs as a replacement part to keep your brakes going. They are sold in a pair, Left and Right.