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2022 Race Report: UEC Rounds 3 & 4

April 19, 2022 2 min read

You may have seen the frenzy of post on the Supercross IG page this past weekend. Our mini Euro squad was absolutely sending it down the 8M hill at the most recent European Cup. 

We decided to throw together a quick race recap for you incase you missed any of the action! 

Aiko Takes The Gold

Day 1 of the European Cup saw defending Pumptrack World Champion Aiko Gommers take home the 1st place check for the Junior Women. Day 2, Aiko was just one spot shy of doubling up on wins and took home the silver medal instead. 

We’ve been telling you for months (almost years now) that the Gommers twins are future! We’ve never been ones to say “I told you so” but we’ve got a good feeling that we’ll be saying that a lot in the years to come as Aiko and Robyn find their way amongst the Elite ranks. 

Louison Rousseau With an All-Time Save

At the moment this shot was taken, it looked as though it was all over for Louison Rousseau! But in true superhero fashion, he managed to get the foot down and ride this one out. I guess it’s true, the kid can fly!

We know this wasn’t the result that Louison was looking for. But he still showed signs of speed and went out with a Supercrossy bang on this lap. He may have not won the race, but he definitely won the fans with this maneuver! Nice save Louison and can’t wait to see you back in the next one!

Robyn Proves Consistent

Robyn Gommers, the other half of the Belgian twin dominators was looking quick and sleek in here SX kit this weekend. She laid down strong qualifying laps and found her way into both Junior women finals. Robyn has proven herself to be a fierce competitor with the consistency to match by always being in the fight! We look forward to watching her season progress as she continues to battle hard amongst the future elites! 

More Recaps to Come!

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