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Inside Look at USA Cycling Camp w/ Cam Bramer

April 27, 2022 5 min read

Earlier this month, some of the fastest racers in the states gathered to the USA BMX HQ for a week of intense training supported by USA Cycling. This ‘invite only’ camp is one of the most exclusive events in the sport with USA Cycling officials hand picking riders for the guest list. Pretty much everyone in attendance was some of the country’s finest talents, with one of the guest being our very own, Cam Bramer.

We caught up with him shortly after the camp to get the inside scoop on what the week looked like and how it feels to train at the highest level! Keep scrolling for more details

Riders Ready…

As mentioned before, the training camp is invite only meaning you can only attend if you’re asked to attend. This ensures that USA Cycling can construct a group with the best chemistry and produce an intense training environment that pushes all the riders. 

SupercrossBMX: What were some of your feelings when you knew you were going to the camp?

Bramer: I was super excited for the opportunity! I couldn’t wait to get out onto the track and feel out the new layout. It didn’t hurt to have some of the best alongside me training too. Definitely upped the intensity of each session!

With the Legacy Nats being the next stop on the USA BMX Pro Tour, it was clear to see why so many were eager to attend the camp. The sessions allowed the riders to get a sneak peak of the course before racing kicks off this coming May. As a racer, it’s always assuring to get comfortable with the track early so that come race time, you can solely focus on the race rather than trying to clear obstacles. This camp gave the riders a chance to do just that! 

SupercrossBMX: In what ways do you feel that the camp helped you for the remaining season? 

Bramer: It’s always important to get some Big Hill (8m) time! Being from the Northeast, most of my tracks are closed and I don’t really have a local SX hill. I also think it was super valuable to get some track time in before the Legacy Nationals and in preparation for my first World Cup this summer. 

The Week Begins…

As the racers began to arrive on site at the Headquarters, it was clear to see that they all meant business! With most Pros being scattered throughout the country, anytime a group of this size assembles, the atmosphere feels similar to race day. Even though there’s no title or prize on the line, the sheer competitor within everyone was looking to make a statement to the USA Coaches and the competition. 

SupercrossBMX: What were the vibes like when you first arrived on site?

Bramer: I was in awe when I first rolled up to the facility. It’s pretty dope with all the massive USA BMX signage, a ginormous area with an awesome track on the inside. Plus, there was so much cool stuff within the museum so it was awesome to see all that history in person. As for the athletes, everyone was super hyped and couldn’t wait to get started. 

SupercrossBMX: Did you have a game plan or anything like that going into the week of training?

Bramer: I went into this whole thing with an open mind. I just wanted to take it all in and learn as much as I could!

With everyone in place and the stoke being high. It was finally time for things to kick off and for tires to touch the track!

The Mid Week Grind…

From what Mr. Bramer tells us, the week was jam packed with training sessions and meetings. Just about every daily action the athletes took was in an effort of self-improvement. 

SupercrossBMX: Can you give us a brief description of what the weekly/daily plan looked like?

Bramer: Day 1 was just getting acclimated. The other days were focused on specific areas like track work, race strategy, performance, nutrition, wellness and learning about other USA Cycling programs and opportunities.

We started out each morning with a team warm-up followed by drills and track work that increased in intensity and effort each day. We also had the opportunity to do a lot of team building and hear from guest speakers about how to better ourselves as athletes. 

So while the camp’s main focus was to develop each rider into a stronger racer. There was more to do than just ride the track. As Bramer mentions, there were various team building exercises along with some guest speakers that helped develop the whole athlete and person! 

With appearances from guest speakers such as Dr. Richardson (depicted above) the athletes were exposed to an array of topics that would help develop them into whole Elite-level athletes. You hear it all the time, but BMX Racing is just as much mental as it is physical. With unique opportunities such as this one, it’s clear to see why most of the nation’s riders are itching to get into one of these camps. 

Signing Off…

As with most things in life, everything comes to an end. With the week complete and work done, it was time to reflect on the whole experience. We made sure to get some lasting thoughts from Bramer and ask about how this unique opportunity impacts his outlook on the remaining 2022 season.

SupercrossBMX: What was your biggest takeaway from the weekend? 

Bramer: I’m just so grateful to have opportunities such as this one that help me grow as a rider and understanding what it takes to be a top performing athlete. It was so great to hang out with everyone on and off the track. The vibes were great and getting to do things I had never done before like going to a Tulsa Drillers game and watching Professional Bull Riding. This is a week I’ll remember for a long time and hope to get the chance to attend again in the future. 

We can’t think of a better way to wrap this thing up than how he just did! And with that, we hope you enjoyed this inside look into one of the most exclusive camps in BMX. We can’t wait to see how Bramer uses his new found knowledge to perfect his craft even further as he continues to rip into the 2022 season. Only time will tell what the Rocket Man is capable of, but we’re on the edge of our seats watching it all play out! 

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- Written by: Jonnie Vance