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Meet The VISION F1

September 03, 2021 6 min read

Welcome To Our VISION

The VISION F1 embodies our focus on developing the future of BMX Racing technologies. This chassis is groundbreaking for not only our brand but for the BMX Racing industry as a whole. We’ve made a slew of improvements producing our lightest, stiffest, and fastest bike yet. With its recent release, we’re here to highlight key features and explain some of the decisions we made in bringing you this final product.

A Complete Chassis kit

There seems to be an unwritten rule within the industry that frames are to be sold as standalone products. We’ve never really been fans of following rules, so we decided to make a change for the better.

Keen eyes will notice the VISION F1 listed in our store as a ‘Carbon Fiber Racing Chassis’. This isn’t a marketing ploy to swap out the word ‘frame for something that sounds cooler. The VISION F1 is a complete chassis package. 

Every VISION F1 kit includes a frame, matching Carbon Fiber Fork, Integrated Speedline Headset, Removable Brake Mounts, 4 SX FLIP/CHIP (more on that later), various adapters, and an Idler/ Tensioner.

All you need to complete your build is a wheelset, steering system, and drivetrain. Through selling the VISION F1 in this way, we’ve eliminated the majority of compatibility concerns.

“Straight out of the box, the VISION F1 is ready to replace your current bike or act as the base of a brand new build.”

- Bill Ryan, Owner of Supercross BMX

What is the VISION F1 

To encapsulate the VISION F1 into one idea, it’s BMX Evolved! In the past, we built a reputation for revolutionizing BMX Racing technologies and going against conventional methods. The VISION F1 platform is another iteration of that exact concept.

What Makes this a Premium Package?

The VISION F1 is our first ever Monocoque orone piececonstruction race frame. With our older carbon frames, we molded sections of the frame independently and then bonded them together producing the final product. We took what we learned from our other Monocoque construction carbon components, and applied this technology to the VISION F1 frame.  

Monocoque construction is by far the most efficient and premium method for producing carbon fiber componentry. The frame is produced within a single mold meaning there are no welds, no joints, or bonding areas within this frame. We’ve been using monocoque construction in our Carbon Race Forks for years and it’s provided great results.


This method of construction allowed us to trim even more weight, and most importantly, improve overall durability. We could have reduced the weight further, but with the VISION F1 already shedding 6% of the ENVY BLK2’s weight, we focused on producing the most durable and stable frame yet.

Of course we stuck with the tried and true Toray 1100KS high-modulus prepreg Carbon Fiber material of past SX frames. It’s simply the best, and if you’ve ridden some of our older carbon models you can attest to it as well.

Improved Regidity & Responsiveness

With excess material to play with thanks to the structural efficiency of Monocoque construction, the first place we looked to improve were regions that contributed the most to acceleratory stiffness. The VISION F1 features 15mm thick dropouts, the thickest dropouts on any frame today. We also added more support to the BB region and rear triangles. All of these improvements lead to a frame that launches like no other out of the gate. If you thought the Red Rocketwas fast before, wait until you see Cam Bramer rip a gate on one of these! 

“The VISION F1 is super stiff so there’s no lost of power when mashing the pedals. This is arguably the best bike I have ever ridden even after owning it for such a short time.”

- Cameron Moore, Factory Pro Rider 

In addition to thicker dropouts, we also made them fully captive over the rear axle. The new dropouts increase rigidity, while also eliminating the horseshoe effect caused by running disc brakes on traditional dropouts. This system ensures the wheel is always straight, producing a perfect chain-line and disc positioning every time.

We also left you the option to run traditional V-brakes as well, but should you wish to upgrade, the VISION F1 will be ready. Both brake mounting systems are fully removable producing the cleanest look regardless of your preferred setup.

The SX Flip/Chip

The FLIP/CHIP is a new addition that comes with every VISION F1 chassis kit. It comes in two sizes allowing for seamless integration of 15mm or 10mm ( 3/8 ) axles. The FLIP/CHIP also allows you to choose between a rear positioning or front positioning depending on your preferred rear-end length. The FLIP/CHIP ensures your rear wheel is exactly where you want it after reinstallation. No more fiddling around with tensioners or marking the dropouts to get the wheel back to its original location.

Chain Tension Solutions

The VISION F1 also comes stock with an Idler/Tensioner that removes slack from the chain. The Idler/Tensioner keeps the chain tight while improving drivetrain efficiency through continually feeding the chain back into the rear cog. 

Should you wish to not run an Idler/Tensioner, the FLIP/CHIP included with the VISION F1 provides adequate chain tension for a 43/16 gearing on a half link chain. We plan to release more sizes of these FLIP/CHIPS accommodating for other gearing ratios in the near future.

Above is an image of Cameron Moore’s VISION F1 featuring a 44-16 gearing with no Tensioner/Idler. We left you options to make the VISION your own! All you have to do is build it.

Race Tested Forks 

For the Forks, we stuck with Toray’s T700s Nano Alloy Resin Carbon Fiber material. Of course these too are of monocoque construction for all the previously mentioned reasons. Who can better explain the Nano Alloy Resin technology than Toray themselves?

 “NANOALLOY® technology can give the alloy characteristics that defy conventional wisdom of existing polymers: while the alloy displays the qualities of strong and rigid plastic in ordinary use, it changes its shape like rubber and absorbs the shock when external force is applied at the time of impact of rapid and strong shock.”

- Retrieved from Torray’s information page

Our carbon fiber race forks are a top-tier option for racers around the world. Aside from a new paint job, the forks remain relatively unchanged from the previous generation. No need to reinvent the wheel here (at least not yet!) You can expect the same high performance and reliability of previous carbon forks that pair seamlessly with your new VISION F1 frame.

“This is the Formula 1 of BMX racing forks. Stiff, strong, and super light weight.”

- Shane, from BMX Ultra


What the VISION F1 Provides

This isn’t a one-season chassis kit. We used the highest quality materials and meticulously added features that make this frame ready for the next evolution of BMX Race bikes. Through improved durability and various performance improvements, this frame will stand the test of time and handle all of the torque and braking power you can throw at it. 

Unsurprisingly, there’s a price tag to match this premium package. The VISION F1 chassis kit comes in at $1,999. This may be off putting to some, but after you do the math and factor in the parts that you were gonna buy anyways, all we really did was reduce the clutter of your shopping cart. 

Let’s say you wanted to grab yourself the previous generation, ENVY BLK2 and spec out your own chassis package. You’d be looking at something like this:

- Envy BLK 2 Frame: $1399.95

- BLK Fork: $399.95

- Speedline Tapered Headset: $79.95

- Disc Adapter: $79.95

  • That’s$1959.80 for an older generation chassis and you’re still missing chain tensioners and adapters that the VISION F1 comes stock with. For 40 more bucks the VISION gives you a more complete package without the hassle of compatibility research while providing multiple performance improvements that you don’t get with the BLK 2!

    Who Is This For?

    By now it should be clear that this package is intended for the highest level of competitors. Of course anyone can ride the frame. But during this project’s conception, our focus was on providing an industry-leading platform capable of competing on the world stage. Every decision made along the way was in an effort to create the best Carbon Fiber Frame we could. 

    Along with advanced riders, this platform is also intended for the mechanically inclined individual. To own this bike, you must have some level of mechanical knowledge and be comfortable turning a wrench. Since this package shys away from industry standards, it urges you to run components that are not yet commonplace; (I.E. Hydraulic disc brakes, chain idlers, 15mm rear axles or thru axles, and more) 

    Also with any carbon fiber product, there is a higher level of attention and care needed to ensure it’s performing at its best. We took every measure to ensure we used the strongest and most reliable materials, however, it’s still not chromoly. This kit should never see any type of gorilla mechanic work and should always be torqued to the recommended specs.

    This platform wasn’t intended for everyone. If you are seeking the next generation of BMX Racing technologies, then this is the bike for you. If you’re an Expert or Pro rider seeking any marginal mechanical advantage you can find, then this is for you. The VISION F1 is the latest and greatest from Supercross BMX and we are overjoyed to finally share our VISION of the BMX Racing future with you. 

    Should you have any additional questions, please reach out at sales@supercrossbmx.com

    Written By, Jonnie Vance