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The Supercross BMX team Rocks the USA BMX Carolina Nats!!

April 25, 2016 4 min read

The USA BMX #CarolinaNats are always a good one. And this last weekend proved the point that much more as they ran an amazing race with the 2016 USA BMX Carolina Nationals. With it being all the way on the other side of the country from us, it is hard to send the full team out, but this weekend we had part of the "A" team show up and lay damage to the competition.
A Pro, KJ Romero probably had the easiest national of his life, with only living minutes away. Second closest was Vet Pro Tim Dinger's 15 minute drive, but then came the long haul ones. The Johnson Sisters of Anna and Abbie with younger brother Brandon made the drive from Texas and Justin Seitz had to take the plane flying from one coast to the next skipping a fairly close Gold Cup Qualifer in order to get a little bit of practice on next years UCI World Championship course.

This weekend was one of the USA BMX's new three day weekend Nationals that they have been trying, so right away on Friday it was time to get right into the race action!!

Due to the 3 day schedule, there was no Vet Pro on Friday so Dinger had to sit the day out, so KJ was the eldest of the group and had a great run in his motos and Semi's but a gate bonk in his main gave him his worst finish of the weekend , the dreaded "MEQ" ticket as he crossed the line. He made the main but not the finish he was after. In the Amateur classes, Anna started off the action for the team in the mains with a win in 15/16 cruiser. But then in the class motos, her and her sister Abbie seemed to have a bit of trouble, which leaded to Anna going down hard and messing up her shoulder. Abbie took a 6th in 14g, and Anna grabbed the MEQ slip as she got up to cross the line. Justin wasn't good with that and wanted to bring the team morale back up and took a 3rd place finish in 11x to keep spirits high for dinner that night.

For Saturday, we had all classes racing, and even though Anna was still pretty banged up they all said it was going to be a great day!! KJ wasn't going to go for the MEQ slip again today and proceded to go out and kill his motos and win his Semi, unfortunately he got a little anxious in the gate again bonked it a bit, but knows the track well enough that he was able to catch back up and take a 4th for the day. In Vet Pro, Dinger, or McGregor as he is now known to the fans, went out and won his first moto, and kept the day going with great finishes, but got caught up in traffic and finished the main with a 5!

On the Am side of things, Anna was still pretty beat up but went out and fought hard taking a strong second in her cruiser main. Little brother Brandon made the cruiser main today and fought hard for the 7 spot. In 14 girls, Abbie made the main again and was stuck out in lane 8. She made some aggressive moves and kept the feet moving and finsihed on the podium with a solid third!! Great racing Abbie. Big sister Anna watched from the gate and was so proud of her sister, she fought thru the pain of her shoulder again to take a second deuce for the day with a second in 15/16 girls for the day. After the girls, it was the boys turn, and Brandon was stoked to of made both mains in Class and Cruiser today and finished up with the MEQ slip in 9x, team mate Justin said don't worry Brandon, I got you and took off and won the 11x main!! Perfect way to finish up the teams day of racing, time for another team dinner and some sleep!!

On Sunday it was the UCI Continental Championship, so KJ wasn't racing today and had to sit the day out, but no worries, Dinger started the day off downing a bottle of Pickle Juice to get the team going. Tim started the day off strong again winning motos, but still got caught up in traffic in the main and took a 6th for the day in Vet Pro. On the Am side Anna's shoulder was hurting a bit more and had swollen up a bit, she took cruiser easy to try to save up some energy for class, and she took a 5th in cruiser, but ended up winning 15/16g!! Little Brother Brandon saw his sister fighting thru and made both mains again, and took a 5th in Cruiser, and in class got pushed to the Pro set, and had to contemplate if he was going to Back Flip it and try to catch the class, but ended up taking the MEQ slip for the day, in 14g, Abbie had another great main, and is showing everyone, she isn't just Anna's little sister, but wants everyone to remember her name too and took another 3rd for the day And last up on the am side today was Justin, who has been the quiet but deadly one all weekend holding it all down for us, and got up on the podium for the 3rd time this weekend taking a second for the day!!

So proud of all of them, they all did great, next stop is this weekend in Colorado for another round of USA BMX Supercross racing and the USA BMX Mile High Nationals.

Thanks to all of our fans, and co-sponsors, as we couldn't do it without you guys. The Supercross BMX Factory team proudly wears FLY Racing uniforms and helmets, uses ODI Grips, Speedline Parts, ONYX Racing Hubs, Vee Rubber Tires and Stasis # Plates. And while they are relaxing between motos, nothing like a bit of Honey Stinger Energy to keep them going throughout the day.

Supercross BMX Factory Team in South Carolina