Supercross BMX | Vision Idler Arm Assembly

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Four Styles Available -

O.E. - Original Equipment - the Stock Replacement 7075 Aluminum Arm w/ Delrin Guide . This is the Lightest and Most Efficient Guide for your Vision Frame.

Alt. - The Alternative - You have asked for it, so we are offering it to you, the Guide with a Wheel - We have tested it and found it not to be as efficient, and it is a more complicated set up, but if you want to try it, or think you want a wheel, we have it for you. Please be extra careful when setting up your guide with a wheel to ensure proper chain line. We have found that the chain will jump if you don't have it set up properly and it will cause the chain to come off.

The Team Edition - The Team Edition is heavier as it is a spring loaded idler, but now you never have to worry about re adjusting the back tension nut on the original guide for gear changes or removing a wheel, just push the idler up and you have slack, let the spring loaded idler down and you have perfect tension, every time. It also helps with any tight loose spots for out of round chain rings. This is the Ultimate idler upgrade.


Alt /T - The Alt /T Idler takes the Team Edition and ads the wheel. Again, we don't recommend the wheel system, the Guide is much more efficient, but if you want to have one that is available to you, it is here. Please be careful with your chain-line. It is very finicky when running a wheeled system.

The Supercross BMX Vision Idler Arm assembly is the direct Factory replacement for the Vision F1 and Vision RS7 BMX Race Frames.  It's a complete Assembly featuring: a 7075 Idler Arm, Delrin Chain Guide, alloy stop nut, Allen bolt, and washer.