Supercross BMX | SX250 Pro Fork

To match up with your Limited Edition 30 Year Anniversary Supercross BMX SX250 6 bar frame, we did a special limited run of the Supercross Pro Fork. These are built for us by TANGE one of the oldest and most respected fork builders in the BMX game, and are a full Seamless 4130 Cro-mo, with a Post Weld Full Heat Treatment as per our Supercross specs.

It uses the same Original Supercross BMX dropout from 30 years ago but with a few little Lightening holes drilled in, and has the original Supercross BMX decals applied to match the 6 Bar Frame.

Currently available in 20" and 24" sizes. 

Available in a Triple Show Chrome Plated, a Gloss Black, and in a Raw finish.