Supercross BMX | Quick Twitch Rear Cassette BMX Racing Hub

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The Supercross BMX Quick Twitch rear race hub is an ultra fast engaging, super durable race hub. With 36 micro teeth on the 3 double wide pawls and 120 engagement points, they are as close to instant engagement as you can get on a PAWL and RATCHET style hub.

Its over size internal 17mm Axle offers extreme stability of the hub and is available in both a 10mm (3/8" ) and 15mm axle end options to fit 90% of all the popular BMX race frames on the market.

All Supercross BMX Quick Twitch hubs come stock with a 16t Cro-mo rear cog and a Titanium lock ring and spacers at no charge.

Other Rear Cog sizes are sold seperately. You can purchase the rear cog by clicking here.

Flange sizes are:
Non Drive ( Lft. Flange ) – 45mm Spoke Hole Circle,
Drive ( Rt.Flange ) – 55mm Spoke Hole Circle, 3mm Spoke Hole,
Center to Non Drive Flange ( Left ) 30mm, Center to Drive Flange ( Rt. ) 25mm