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Supercross BMX | Radical Rick BMX Bobble Head

Radical Rick™ Creator Damian Fulton and Supercross BMX™ Founder Bill Ryan have teamed up to bring you the ultimate special edition 40th year anniversary collectible, none other than the ultimate BMX Bobble Head, the BMXer who has done more than any of us could of dreamed of, Radical Rick.Rick will be at home on any BMXers trophy shelf, book shelf, or proudly displayed on the TV stand in the Living Room to show the world that you are a true BMXer thru and thru.

Limited to 500 pcs World Wide with the first 40 pcs for the 40 Year Anniversary of Radical Rick™ being signed and numbered by Damian himself.

Radical Rick™  Stands a little over 6" tall from his base. He has his trademark 2 tone Vans® shoes, his 5 Snap Moto Peak Visor and is proudly letting you know he is #1. 

Rick's home to travel to you is a beautiful 4 color display box with bits of Damian's classic art, and a few clues that might tip you off to who might be the next in the series of Radical Rick™ 

Each Series is limited to only 500pcs each World Wide.


Unsigned Bobbles are unlimited in QTY. That way you can order extra for gifts.

We want to make this fair for everyone and make sure everyone can get one and show off and share their love of Radical Rick™ 

To get an idea of the care that goes into our Bobble Heads, take a look at the video of the Unboxing that SugarCayne.com did of our Retro Ray Bobble Head below.