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Supercross BMX | Carbon BMX Pro Bar

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Lighter, stronger, faster, the recipe for any great BMX Racing product!


The Supercross BMX Carbon Pro Bar is designed for riders who seek more than what traditional Cro-mo bars offer. This carbon handlebar provides maximum stiffness, performance, and power transfer!


Click here for a full product description and install guides/videos


  • Monocoque (one-piece) Torray T-700S High Compaction Construction
  • Larger 31.8mm Oversized Clamping for better grip
  • Maintains the standard 7/8" grip and brake lever area
  • Almost 50% weight reduction vs similar sized Cro-Mo bars
  • Weight Limit: None*
  • 10nm torque spec**


* - These are racing handlebars. We recommend that you adhere to your personal limits. Just like a cro-mo, or aluminum bar, these can and will break under the right ( or wrong ) circumstances. Only use these bars in their intended use case, which is on the track. But rest assured that these have been tested to the EXTREME limits before being made available to the public.

** - All torque specs must be adhered to for proper operation. Failure to follow these guidelines could result in subpar performance and risk of injury.  It is your responsibility to check your bars for cracks after each crash. These are high-end racing bars. And the warranty is for material and manufacturing defects only. Not against use and abuse.

Handlebar Geometry

Supercross BMX Carbon Pro Bar Geometry

Supercross Pro Cruiser Carbon - 6" Rise
Width - 28"
Rise - 6"
Back Sweep - 6º
Up Sweep- 2º
Clamp Width - 50 mm
Bar Weight - 9.5 ounces ( 270 Grams )

Supercross Pro Carbon - 7.5" Rise
Width - 28"
Rise - 7.5"
Back Sweep - 6º
Up Sweep- 2º
Clamp Width - 50 mm
Bar Weight - 12 ounces ( 350 Grams )

Supercross Pro Carbon - 8" Rise
Width - 28"
Rise - 8"
Back Sweep - 6º
Up Sweep- 2º
Clamp Width - 50 mm
Bar Weight - 14 ounces ( 390 Grams )

Supercross Pro Carbon - 8.5" Rise
Width - 30"
Rise - 8.5"
Back Sweep - 6º
Up Sweep- 2º
Clamp Width - 50 mm
Bar Weight - 16 ounces ( 450 Grams )



How to cut your Carbon

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Excellent product

Great parts and fantastic customer support.
Kudos to Bill and the staff at SX.

eddie monk

My son love them thanks

John Abner
They feel great and look awesome

I put them on my 2021 Vans PK Ripper love them so far

Scott Lloyd


Charlie Williams
Supercross 6” Carbon bars

I love these bars. My kids have been running them for two years and now I’m running them. I love the bend and feel and they feel bulletproof