Supercross BMX | 80’s BMX Racing Jersey

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In the early days of Supercross BMX, we also owned a small little leathers ( why did we call them leathers ) company called TECH. And with Tech we used to heat press all of our jerseys, we used to do ours, Redline's, Block, L&S, Brackens, there were quite a few companies that we printed ( heat transfered ) the jersey's for.

Well this edition of the Radaversary jersey is a Throwback to one of the days we got bored, as we used to get bored ( imagine that making jerseys, and would sometimes experiment on our own riders jersey's. I think Billy Harrison, Todd Steen, and Kiyomi Waller used to get the strangest ones. Brian Lopes was always a stickler about it and had to have his jerseys perfect.

And I had almost forgotten about the "Custom" stuff we had done, until this jersey popped up on our Supercross BMX Riders Group on Facebook, and I knew we had to do a mild variant re-creation for the "Radaversary" hell, it's been 33 years, and BMX is Rad so why not right.

So how about this. For a very limited production.... should it be 33 pcs?? Maybe.... But at least we keep it at $33 right... sure, $33 sounds right for the die hard Supercross BMX Fans.

These Jerseys are Sublimated on Coolmax® material , not heat transfered, so there is a bit of difference, and it is a very limited production. but a very cool piece to take your SX250 or any Supercross on a cruise or a trip to the Pump Track or trails.

We will not be offering Names or Numbers on these jerseys. Everyone is Numbered 33 for 33 Years of Radness . But we did leave room for your Name if you want to take it to a local Screen Printer or Heat Treater to have your name put on. The Name FONT we used to use was "AACHEN"

Sizing is based off of the Standard FLY Racing Jersey. NOT A SLIM FIT.

Now if we only had some TECH Leathers to go along with these.... we can only dream..

*Vans Logos, Jive Handles and Odyssey Logos, do not imply endorsement or connection with the project. They were sponsors back in the day and we thought we would include them for style and reference. We do think that they all make cool stuff though, so if you want to go grab some Jive Handles, or ride in Vans or use Odyssey parts, please do by all means.  We have close ties and connections to all 3. I wish we had an S&S logo and a Power Plus Logo on there.... hmmm....