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Supercross BMX | Blue Streak Tires

As with all our in house produced parts, we didn't want to create a “me too” product. This same philosophy is what helped us produce our very own Blue Streak BMX Tire.

We set out to design the Supercross Blue Streak tires, because we thought there was a need for a quality racing tire that adapted various tracks. Luckily the conditions of the tracks today closely match the needs of trails, parks, and even the street. Because of this, the Blue Streak tires have proven to be a great all-around option despite being designed for racing.

We wanted a light tire, so this lead us to various casing options. Eventually we decided on a high thread count casing, which makes the Blue Streak lighter and stronger than most.

We also added a low-profile tread to keep the speeds up and reduce rolling resistance. With today's tracks being so finely groomed and maintained there wasn't a need for a deep tread pattern. These tires feature a full round profile so they can be blasted into turns at any angle and still hold grip.

We also thought about pressure and tested the Blue Streaks up to 120 psi on the rear and 100 on the front. The official sidewall rating is 85psi for the rear and 60 for the front.

And so now we bring you the SX Blue Streak tire! The perfect choice for those who use thier race bikes for everything from trails, park, street, and of course the track.

Current Sizes:

  • 20 × 1.5
  • 20 × 1.75
  • 20 × 2.125
  • 20 × 1.75 weighs (375 grams) / 20 × 2.125 (460 grams)

These tires also feature a Kevlar® Folding Bead for even more weight savings. The Kevlar bead allows us to use the same low profile tread pattern, rubber compound, and high-pressure rating to really take BMX Tire technology to the next level.

Tires are sold individually