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This is a Speedline Parts , Drone Motor upgrade kit for your 5" X-Hover Win 5 , Win 5L , or Alien Drones. These are for the serious FPV speed freaks.

It is a full kit with 16pcs of the m3x8 Motor bolts and 4 pcs of the 5mm Hex Head Nylock Nuts. All made out of Grade 5 Titanium. Super light, Super strong and in colors too.

Titanium is 45% lighter than stock steel bolts that come with your motors. And it is twice as strong as any aluminum bolts. And with the torque of your motors are you really going to risk them to the alloy bolts? I didn't think so.

If you are serious about your drove racing and want a way to save those last 12-14 grams you were wanting to shave, here is the way.

Currently available in Gold Titanium Nitrate and the awesome Jet Fuel Anodize finish.