Speedline AR6 - Alloy Race Rim - Disc Compatible

The Speedline AR6 Alloy Race Rim is  rim is designed for the abuse that modern day BMX put on the rims. It is a DISC Brake ready / or Front Use Rim and is not a wimpy light weight rim that is going to fold up on you, but it's not a heavy weight either. At only 14 ounces, it is Strong and light.
  • Use: Front or Rear, but DISC Only on the rear
  • Walls: Double
  • Joint: Sleeved
  • Weight: 305g, 415g
  • Diameter: 406 (20”)
  • Drilling: 36
  • Valve: AV
  • Sidewall: N/A
  • ERD: 388
  • Colors: Black, or Gun Metal Grey