Speedline ARR - Alloy Race Rim - Rear

The Speedline AR6 Alloy Race Rim is rim is designed for the abuse that modern day BMX put on the rims. It is a Rear V- Brake Specific Rim where the sidewall is CNC'd prior to anodizing to maximize the best braking surface for your V- Brake Pads.

It is a welded rim and it is trued prior to CNC'ing so that it is super strong and straight right out of the box and is ready to put up with all the abuse that Modern BMX racing puts on their rims.

  • Use: Rear V-Brake
  • Walls: Double
  • Joint: Welded
  • Weight:
  • Diameter: 406 (20”)
  • Drilling: 36
  • Valve: AV
  • Sidewall: N/A
  • ERD: 388
  • Colors: Black, or Gun Metal Grey