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A'me | Cam Grips

Due to popular demand, the A’ME CAM Grip, originally introduced in 1980, is being re-introduced to the BMX marketplace. The famous Triangle on the bar end is a trademark of the most popular BMX Grips in 1980’s BMX.

The NEW A’ME CAM Grips are composed of Vulcathane™, a specially blended rubber compound combined with UV stabilizing ingredients that exhibit superior oxidation and ozone resistance. As a result, A’ME CAM Grips are moisture-resistant and won't become slick with age. This is done all the while providing extreme durability and superior comfort.

  • A’ME CAM Grips are easy to install and available in various colors that complement most bikes and components.
  • The A’ME Raised and lowered Pattern creates a No-Slip surface in wet or dry conditions.
  • CAM Slots reduce weight and create a cushion feel for the hard-core rider who wants every part of their hand to feel the grip's contour.
  • Thermo Rubber Compound for Comfort and Control.
  • Oversized Flange and Large End Cap
  • Easy Installation
  • Made in USA