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Q&A WITH Sequoia


Tell me about yourself. Who are you? How old are you? What class do you currently race? When did you start racing? How did you start racing? Etc.

My name is Sequoia Gomolicke. I am 10 years old . I race in the 10 girl expert class and 9/10 girls cruiser class. I started off racing a strider bike , but I was able to pedal at 2 1/2 and I wanted to race the bigger kids . I started racing because both my older brothers raced and it looked fun.

What are some of your biggest achievements within the sport?

I would say, being asked to join my dream team Supercross BMX family. I have won grands, got World 3 plate in Belgium and I am currently holding the World 2 plate which I achieved in Nantes , France.

What’s your current local track?

Rusty Bowl BMX in Ukiah Ca

What are your hobbies outside of racing?

I love to ride my dirt bikes and play with my dogs

What are some of your goals for your racing career?

To get world #1 and be consistent and more aggressive.

What is your favorite dessert?

Ice cream 🍦

Who is your favorite BMX Rider?

I like Felicia Stansel

Tell us about your favorite race and why?

Worlds in Nantes , France. I liked that race because I was very consistent getting the fastest lap times, first gate pick and was able to feel confident throughout the whole event.