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Q&A WITH bella


Tell me about yourself. Who are you? How old are you? What class do you currently race? When did you start racing? How did you start racing? Etc.

I am Annabella Hammonds, I am 18 years old from Apple Valley, California. I race in the 17-20 expert women class. I was 7 the first time I went to the track. My family originally went so my brother could ride his strider bike. There was a kid I went to school with there and he wouldn't let me even try his bike because "girls don't race bikes". So my dad bought me my own race bike, and I was showing that kid that "girls do race bikes and beat boys" before too long!

What are some of your biggest achievements within the sport?

Becoming a member of the Supercross Factory Team is one of my biggest achievements. I also won Grands in 2019 as 14xg, and I was World 3 in 2017.

What’s your current local track?

Apple Valley BMX

What are your hobbies outside of racing?

The Gym & playing with my dog Hank. I am pursuing a career in the medical field and about to graduate - so I don't really have extra time... if I had more I would ride my bike more!

What are some of your goals for your racing career?

My goal for my racing career is to have as much fun possible while riding my bike! I also aspire to be a great ambassador for Supercross!

What is your favorite dessert?

Salmon, Chicken fried rice from PF Changs, Cookie Butter Gelato

Who is your favorite BMX Rider?

I've had a lot of pro favorites growing up, but many of them don't race anymore. I think my favorite now is to watch all of my teammates race. Getting to cheer for everyone's lap before and after my own, is one of the best parts.

Tell us about your favorite race and why?

Grands is my favorite. It's the best because everyone is there.