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Tioga | FASTR-X S-Spec Tire - 120 TPI

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A technologically advanced BMX race tire that utilizes multiple grip surface sections to increase rolling efficiency, acceleration, cornering grip, and control.

As pressure is applied to the tire, various sections of the tire's tread make contact with the ground producing more grip as more pressure is applied. This makes the FASTR line of tires highly adaptable to any track or condition. 

    • CYLEX 120 TPI ultralight casing
    • UTC rubber compound
    • Grip-Pod system helps maintain traction when cornering
    • Chemical etching on center tread creates a fine texture for enhanced traction
    • Multi-facet nano knobs provide additional traction on tire shoulders
    • 20 x 1.75 (O.D. 507mm): 300g 10.58 oz
    • 20 x 1.60 (O.D. 494mm): 280g 9.88 oz
    • 20 x 1-3/8 (O.D. 530mm): 270g 9.52 oz
    • 20 x 1-1/8 (O.D. 516mm): 225g 7.93 oz