Supercross Blue Streak Tires

As with all our parts, we did not set out to have a “me too” product. When we set out to design the new Supercross Blue Streak tires, we did it because we thought there was a need for a good racing tire that was adapted for today's tracks. Luckily the conditions of the tracks today closely match the needs of the trails and the parks, and even street, so it has proven to be a great all around tire, even though it was designed for racing.

The first thing we wanted was a tire that was light, so we thought about the way the casing should be and went with a high thread count casing so it is lighter and stronger than most of the others. Then we wanted a nice low profile tread. I mean come on, today’s tracks are so groomed and maintained it is like riding on pavement; heck a lot of tracks have asphalt turns and starting hills now. I don’t know about you but we have seen many top pros (our riders included) who started using street and freestyle tires on the back as they held better on these tracks than the so called race tires. So we designed our tread to be nice and low, have a full round profile so it could be blasted into the turns at any angle and still have a ton of grip so you don’t slide out.

Now we wanted the pressure; if you are going to blast through a turn at Mach 5 the last thing you need is a tire that can’t hold the pressure. We had them tested up to and over 120 psi on the rear and 100 on the front. The official sidewall rating is 85psi for the rear and 60 for the front. Then we played with the durometer of the rubber and the compound to make sure it is sticky, but won’t wear out too fast.

Once we got done cooking this all up ,we had the Blue Streaks! Current sizes are 20 × 1.5, 20 × 1.75, and 20 × 2.125. The 20 × 1.75 weighs 375 grams and the 20 × 2.125 is 460 grams. (this is 50 grams lighter on the rear and 115 grams lighter on the front than the Maxxis Holy Rollers according to their website, and 20 grams lighter than the IRC Siren on the rear and the same weight on the front according to their website) This means that they will get rolling faster out of the gate, and out of the turns.

The most crucial weight on the bike is outer rotating weight. And once we had the Tire Tread perfect and the Rubber Compound dialed in what else could we do to make these tires any better? Shave the weight some more! How did we do that? With the addition of a Kevlar® Folding Bead. The Kevlar bead is 40 grams, almost 2 ounces lighter than the conventional wire bead, and still allows us to use the same great low profile tread pattern, the same great rubber compound and keeps the same high pressure rating to really take BMX Tire technology to the next level. Tires are sold individually.