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Speedline Parts | RCR / 406 - 20 x 1.75 Pro Size Carbon Fiber BMX Rim

The Speedline RCR Rims are some of the lightest BMX Race Rims on the market. Featuring a stout, low-profile, aggressive design that ensures a proper contact patch for your tire while retaining maximum stiffness.

Built exclusively from Torray T700s High Modulus Carbon Fiber, they're extremely light, stiff, and strong. Designed for up to 100psi pressures. Available in 28 or 36 spoke options.

The Sidewalls are weaved and packed with a special BASALT braking surface. We still recommend the Carbon Fiber BMX Brake Pads by Kool-Stop. But they aren't an absolute necessity, thanks to the tougher braking surface.

The Speedline RCR 406 Carbon Fiber BMX rims accept 20x1.4, 20x1.5, 20x1.6, 20x1.75, 20x1.8, 20x1.95, 20x2.0, and 20x2.125 tires.

28h are drilled for Presta Tubes, while the 36h are set to accept Presta or Std. Schrader Valves.

The ERD of the Speedline RCR 406 rim is 379mm.

The Speedline RCR 406 Carbon Fiber BMX Rims are tubeless compatible. While there aren't too many Tubeless BMX Specific tires, the Speedline RCR 406 carbon fiber rims are looking towards the future to last you as long as you are racing BMX.


Brake Track: Weaved Basalt

Color: Black

Rim Drilling: 36 or 28

Manufacturer Spec ERD (mm): 379 mm

Rim Center Offset (mm): 4 mm

Rim Depth (mm): 25 mm

Rim Material: High Modulous Torray Carbon Fiber

Rim Width (External): 31.5 mm

Rim Width (Internal): 24.5 mm

Tire Type: Tubeless Ready Clincher 

Valve: Standard Schrader

Weight: 290 g for 20" Version