Supercross BMX | ENVY BLK 2 - Carbon Fiber BMX Race Frame

In 2014 we introduced the ENVY BLK Carbon Fiber BMX race Frame. It changed the game for how carbon fiber BMX race frames were constructed. By utilizing more advanced materials and molding processes we created the apex carbon frame for that time period.

Now for 2019, with the ENVY BLK 2, it was time to change the game again. As with our ENVY RS7, the BLK 2 is evolutionary, not revolutionary!

Torayca T1100-KS SpecsUtilizing the same World Championship winning geometry of all past Supercross frames, the ENVY BLK 2 evolves the platform through keeping the same mold and technique of the original ENVY BLK but utilizing a new carbon pre-preg material; Torray’s new T1100-KS.

Torray  T1100-KS allows us to reduce the frame’s weight another 6% while simultaneously increasing its stiffness and power transfer. The Chart to the left is a product of Torray's testing. This stuff is the same material used for fighter jets, formula 1 cars, and you get to ride it too! So what are you getting with the BLK2? The lightest, Fastest, Strongest BMX racing frame on the planet, with the same comfortable, confident feel of your current ENVY BLK. What more could you want?

Supercross BMX | ENVY BLK 2 - Carbon Fiber BMX Race Frame

Some of you have been screaming as well for custom paint jobs. And while we would love to offer you custom paint jobs, it just isn't affordable to do customs with the ENVY BLK lines. But if you keep watching the site we are going to keep releasing limited edition color ways, so hopefully we will show off a color that will make you happy, and of course we have a ton of killer stock color ways that you will all love.

To eliminate that nasty creaking of a press fit bottom bracket, the BLK2 uses a traditional threaded Euro BB Shell across all models. This technology has proven itself to be the most dependable BB interface. All dropouts are solid Torray Carbon fiber with Titanium inserts that are molded directly into the frame. The Junior thru Expert XXL use a 10mm ( 3/8" ) rear axle size and the Pro sizes use a 15mm rear dropout also available with a 10mm axle adapter until you are ready to upgrade to the 15mm size.

The headtubes use full molded Carbon Fiber bearing races to provide the strongest headtube on the market. The Junior thru Expert XXL use a Campy Std. Size that lets you use either the 1" or the 1 1/8" steertube forks depending upon which bearing kit you use. The Pro sizes sport Tapered Integrated headtubes to allow use of the 1 1/8" - 1.5" steertube forks. However it can still accept the traditional 1 1/8" straight steertube through the assistance of an adapter. 

All Supercross BMX ENVY BLK 2 Frames, like our traditional ENVY BLK accept a traditional V Brake system. Light weight, Easily adjustable and no need for a special hubset.

We are no longer accepting pre-orders due to uncertainty in global supply chains and production and with ETAs continually changing. This is to reduce the frustration caused by delays and to ensure that everyone has a fair chance at getting a bike. Once the bikes arrive and are in stock you can purchase them directly from our website, or your favorite Supercross BMX Dealer, so please check back regularly.



Supercross BMX ENVY BLK 2 Carbon Race Frame Geometry Chart


ENVY BLK 2 Carbon Pro Pro Plus Pro XL Pro XXL Pro XXXL
A. Top Tube Length 20.5" 20.75" 21.25" 21.75" 22.25"
B. Chainstay length 15.0" 15.0" 15.2" 15.2" 15.2"
C. Steertube Angle 74.5º 74.5º 74.5º 74.5º 74.5º
D. Seat Tube Angle 70º 70º 70º 70º 70º
E. Bottom Bracket Height 11.6" 11.6" 11.6" 11.6" 11.6"
Seat Post Size 27.2mm 27.2mm 27.2mm 27.2mm 27.2mm
Headset Type 1 1/8" - 1.5" Integrated 1 1/8" - 1.5" Integrated 1 1/8" - 1.5" Integrated 1 1/8" - 1.5" Integrated 1 1/8" - 1.5" Integrated
Wheel Size 20" X 1.75" 20" X 1.75" 20" X 1.75" 20" X 1.75" 20" X 1.75"


ENVY BLK 2 Carbon Junior Expert Expert XL Expert XXL
A. Top Tube Length 18.5" 19.5" 20" 21"
B. Chainstay length 12.5" 13.75" 14.0" 14.25"
C. Steertube Angle 73.5º 74º 74º 74º
D. Seat Tube Angle 70º 70º 70º 70º
E. Bottom Bracket Height 10.7" 11.2" 11.2" 11.25"
Seat Post Size 22.2mm 22.2mm 22.2mm 22.2mm
Headset Type Campy Integrated Campy Integrated Campy Integrated Campy Integrated
Wheel Size 20" X 1" 20" X 1 3/8" 20" X 1 3/8" 20" X 1 3/8"
* Specifications will vary depending upon your choice of Fork, Tire and Rim selection. Measurements are based off of a Supercross Fork and equal size (ie. 20X1.75 front and rear) tire combination. Specifications subject to change without notice.
All weights are measured on a UPS Calibrated Scale. Weights will vary depending upon the amount of powdercoat and the amount of filler rod used on a particular frame. Polished Frames and Anodized Frames are the lightest as there is no paint. Weights and Specifications are subject to change without notice.