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Supercross BMX | 6 Time Bike of the Year Shirt

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Let's face it, 2020 was a disaster, some say it was a dumpster fire. We call it something a little different, but we can't use those words here. But we do have a few things to celebrate! 

They say that you should look for the silver lining, but we try to look for the gold lining! In 2020, we ended up winning a record 6th USA BMX Golden Crank for Bike of the Year.

# 6 is a special one for us. In the face of adversity, we picked up a record that no one had ever done before, and trust us, we aren't done yet! So if you want to help us celebrate this, and you always look for the Golden Side of disasters, we have a shirt for you. 

100% cotton T-shirt printed here in the So.Cal High Desert.