Supercross BMX | LT Mini / Jr. Forks

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Our Mini/Jr fork is not as light as the alternative material forks out there, but we think we are pushing the limit as far as how light we can go and still be safe, so we would rather be a an ounce or two heavier and know that the forks will hold up to anything the little guys can dish out.

They are full seamless post weld heat treated 4130 cro-mo.

In the 20" version they were weighing in at 16.5 ounces on our UPS calibrated scale (weight subject to variance due to amount of powdercoat or weld rod used)

The Dropouts on our Mini/Jr forks are thinner than those found on other companies Carbon or Aluminum forks, so with some hubs you will need to use additional axle washers to make up the difference. Just because the dropouts are thin, don't think they are not strong. They are made from 1/8" laser cut cro-mo that has been post weld heat treated. They are tough.

Available in Black, White and now Limited Edition Triple Plated Show Chrome to accomodate most color combinations, and currently available in 20" and new 24" versions .

( Note even though it is a 1" steer tube we recommend the use of an 1 1/8" star nut or the Speedline Expander Wedge for your compression device as the heat treated cro-mo is super tough and the 1" star nut will slip out )

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