Speedline Parts | 120mm Disc Adapter / Chain Tensioner

The Speedline Disc Brake Adapter pairs seamlessly with the ENVY RS7 Fastback Frames. They also work with most 15mm Dropout BMX race Frames, including the Supercross BMX ENVY BLK 2.

The Speedline Disc Brake Adapter is optimized to work with a 120mm Rotor and sports a built-in Chain Tensioner for ease of use.

Forged and CNC'd from lightweight 6061 T-6 Aluminum to provide Maximum Strength and Minimal Weight. 

When you install the adapter, please ensure the axle plates are flat and flush with the frame and that all hardware is tight and secure so you don't damage your frame. 

Fits Pro, Pro Plus, Pro XL,  Pro XXL, Pro XXXL 20", and all Pro size 24" Cruisers.

Available in both 15mm and 10mm sizes. Please select the proper size for your axle type.