Speedline Parts | Outboard Sealed Bearing BB Kit

Speedline Outboard Euro BB features a BMX-specific bearing that uses high-grade precision ground steel bearings, low friction seals, and lightweight lubricant to produce a bottom bracket with a minimal drag coefficient.

The bearings are held in place by forged CNC machined aluminum cups that ride the outside BB shell for greater durability.

Available in 19mm - for Profile Type Cranks

24mm - compatible with the Speedline Elite 2 Pc Aluminum, Shimano DXR, Rhythm, Bombshell, and others that use a 24mm spindle

30mm - compatible with our Speedline Elite Carbon 2pc, BOX P30, and others that use a 30mm spindle 

Weight is 250 grams ( 3.5 oz )

Available in Black, White, and Jet Fuel